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  1. A buttery smooth experience chucking CMSF2 onto Steam. Thanks to Slitherine and Battlefront! Hope this move helps these games reach a broader audience.
  2. I left my 'thank you' in the other thread, please bear with me. If this is the right place for reporting bugs, I feel it's my duty to inform on someone... The quartermaster of C company seems to have stowed the wrong ammuniton into the trucks that left for FB Ladybird. There's no ammunition for the GPMGs. I suspect he, and the entire combat service support detachment of the division, might be working with the roundheads. (Seriously, though, it bears repeating. What an awesome job you guys have done!)
  3. Halfway through the second mission of the 'Year of the Rat'-campaign. I am, simply put, amazed by the quality and scale of what you guys have put out. Thank you all very much. I hope you had fun making all this stuff for us. I know I'll have fun playing with it.
  4. My humble theory, after digging around in old threads, is that Vein replied to the original posters PM.
  5. I installed the v202 patch and that seems to have done the trick!
  6. The motherland has come a long way in her propaganda efforts, every soldier of the revolution is now to be considered a self propelled gun: https://ibb.co/TW9qH6j Any ideas of how to deal with this bug? Every unit I select seems to be named incorrectly.
  7. How? Can't seem to find the files! Thanks in advance. edit: A few minutes later and I understand how!
  8. Just picked the Marine's module up and this mod is an essential enhancement for it. Thank you for your time and effort, mjkerner! There's just one thing I can't figure out.... How do I mix in woodland MARPAT helmets / gear in with the default desert MARPAT? I tried pasting the desired helmet folder in and just deleting one or two replacement textures. Sadly all of my marines end up topped in green helmet covers.
  9. I had great fun with this campaign. Every single mission offered up, at least a handful, of those moments of tension that keeps me coming back to Combat Mission. Some missions seemed droll at first glance, but they all ended up offering great and immersive experiences. To top it all off, it all feels very grounded and realistic. The campaign also manages very well to tell a story. I think having all but two missions play out on the same map helps greatly with that. Strangely enough, watching pixeltruppen crest a ridge, becomes more interesting when that ridge has been crested before. When
  10. Your argument is less convincing when you subvert it in the sentence that follows immediately after. Artillery and somewhat realistic reactions to its fire have to be considered pretty core components of a game centered around military tactics. So there are in fact bugs that, more or less, break the game for those who are inclined towards playing it in a certain way intended by the developer. But as said, I don't particularly care about the bugs themselves. In part because I don't even own the games that are affected by them*. Hell, if they'd been clearly labeled on the tin, I might've b
  11. One of the things that have been grating me is the fact that there's no indication on the website of these, more or less game breaking, bugs being present. By trying the demo of CMFI for instance I could easily be led to believe that things are functioning as they ought to be in the current version. When in reality, I could be waiting for a few months to have the game I paid $80 for to take the shape of what was advertised. That's the real kicker here, lack of information, not the very long delay to see the issues addressed. I wonder what happened to the notion expressed in the sales policy th
  12. Alright! I think I've noticed some variation of this in CMSF2 as well. Canadian troops seem prone to be scared out of cover by the impact of their own LAWs. In the example linked below, the impact point was admittedly a bit close but.... Still seems a touch silly.
  13. Could anyone give me a run-down of what the major bugs are, specifically? I’ve tried my hand at searching, but I haven’t been able to find anything conclusive. I’m itching to pull the trigger on CMFI. I’m hesitant, however, to treat myself to an experience that might be less radiant than the one CMSF2 has given me.
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