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    Sgt.Squarehead got a reaction from Ithikial_AU in CMSF2 Editor Question   
    Very much in agreement with Mord. 
    Could we get an extra-chunky rubble flavour object that will stick to or protrude through sharp elevation changes (as can be found between buildings or ruins that are in close proximity but different elevations), it's hard to create the appearance of mounds of rubble in the current setup:

    It's all just a bit too flat. 
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    Sgt.Squarehead reacted to Mord in CMSF2 Editor Question   
    Yes, the crews did a great job with the cards they were dealt. They worked their butts off.
    Excellent info, Steve, thanks for taking the time. I am really excited to see what we'll be able to do with visuals in the map editor. You are doing god's work!
    I'd like to make a suggestion on rubble if I could. My suggestion would be to keep CMSF rubble as it is. It's much more robust and immersive
    than the stuff that came with CMBN+. Here's a couple pics to illustrate.
    Deep, chunky, rubble. Looks like what you'd see in Stalingrad or something. Makes your guys feel safe and secure!

    Though the outer edges look better, that's about it. The newer rubble feels anemic and has no depth or real body to it. I always felt this move was visually a step backward when it was changed in BN.


    Ultimately one day I hope you guys will implement a light and heavy rubble tile for us to paint maps areas, without being tied to using just the building rubble. The three together would make for some killer damaged maps.
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    Sgt.Squarehead reacted to Mord in CMSF2   
    If am understanding you correctly, you are worried that you won't be able to do it at all? You'll be fine if you dismount them within the 3D environment. You just wouldn't be able to do it with the drop down tab on the force selection screen. Choose vehicle, set as ok, deploy units in 3D mode, dismount there.
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    Sgt.Squarehead got a reaction from Vergeltungswaffe in Tactical Lifehack   
    You could make it work easily enough, just open the QB map that you want to play in the scenario editor, drop in your force from the core file (import feature) and then add the force you want to fight against.  Set up your force how you want them and just drop your opponents into their setup zone. Then save the file in your scenarios folder (I'd recommend renaming it too, to avoid accidents).  When you start the new scenario the AI should set up your opponents randomly and take over from there.
    PS - Congratulations you (& a map designer) just made a scenario. 
    PPS - I create a Core Units Files sub-folder in all my CM Game Files folders.
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    Sgt.Squarehead reacted to Mord in CMSF2 Editor Question   
    That's funny, my job is your hobby, and my hobby is your job.
    BBM (Before the Beard Mord).


    Ok, Steve, I am willing to compromise on the trees because I like you and I think you are a decent member of this race we call humans, BUT PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEEEEASE don't leave out new terrain features that would fit with the Syrian landscape; foot path, stream, weeds, grass tall, flowers, grass extra tall (VERY IMPORTANT), lt forest, hvy forest, deep marsh, reeds, heavy rocks, crop types. These are all excellent additions that will give map makers much more flexibility in future scenario design. I implore you with every fiber of my Mordness don't deny us the ability to make maps as great as they can be. These options are in all the other titles please allow them in CMSF2.
    On another note the regular marsh is impassable for infantry in SF but passable in the other titles.
    Will the Marines be able to use the amphibious capabilities of the AAVs?
    P.S. And how did you dodge that hellacious storm? CMP just got our power on down here, today. It's been out since 1:30 Monday morning! I missed Halloween!
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    Sgt.Squarehead reacted to General Jack Ripper in Armoured Infantry   
    Halftracks should be seen as nothing more than bulletproof trucks, asking for more out of them is asking for trouble.
    Their job is to deliver your infantry to their jumping off point unharmed, providing some suppressive fires with their machineguns, allowing for rapid redeployment in between engagements, as well as providing an easy source of ammunition resupply.
    You would be better off keeping them out to around 400-500 meters while firing, and only closing within that range specifically to disembark infantry, then withdrawing again.
    One of Jeffrey Paulding's tactics videos features Armored Infantry (Time-Stamped to Relevant Portion):
    My playtesting of Rinaldi's scenario 'Duel in the Mist' does show some armored infantry in action, if you want to have a look:
    Of course, I possessed copious amounts of supporting weapons, so the actual tactical problem was one of time management, rather than the specific problem of employment.
    I do have plans to make a tactics video specifically about Armored Infantry, but life and work have sapped my schedule quite a bit.
    I hope this helps, and welcome to the forums, btw.
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    Sgt.Squarehead reacted to Night in İnitialize_national_tile_surface error   
    I can confirm that getting driver 17.7 does FIX this issue!! Battlefront tech support was able to help me with a licensing issue, and afterwards I played for 4 hours !!
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    Sgt.Squarehead reacted to Schrullenhaft in İnitialize_national_tile_surface error   
    This issue was CAUSED by AMD. They had a bug in their video drivers that prevented the games from working (an issue with the way Visual Basic or similar libraries handled video calls, I believe). Slightly older versions of the driver didn't have the bug, but newer video cards couldn't use those older drivers (there is a minimum version for each new video card). This happens every-so-often for games. The big AAA titles usually get a quick fix (within a month or two), but smaller game developers may not see a fix for a long time.
    I think I actually tried one of the 17.10 AMD driver releases and found that SC WW1/Breakthrough worked properly.
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    Sgt.Squarehead reacted to sburke in Campaigns and Reinforcements   
    The tough part is maintaining LOS while staying out of LOF 
    i am looking at having to upgrade to 60+ engine for life version soon and am pissed at some apparent feature loss. Bogging seems to have a greater likelihood of happening and spotting gets worse. 
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    Sgt.Squarehead reacted to Combatintman in Campaigns and Reinforcements   
    Surely there's a blonde mod out there?
    I must admit that since I was 'upgraded; to the 50+ version of the life engine, my wife (despite being veteran herself and she always plays on iron mode ) seems to have plenty of C2 issues at night time .
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    Sgt.Squarehead got a reaction from George MC in CMRT Campaign - Kampfgruppe "von Schroif"   
    Great news.....I love messing around on your maps, ever since Hammertime. 
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    Sgt.Squarehead reacted to PHENlCUS in High Screen Resolution Blurry Text   
    "In the 'Nvidia Control Panel' create 'profiles' for your CM games. This alone supposedly should have the GeForce recognize that it needs to run the CM game and not the Intel integrated video (since the system isn't recognizing that the CM games need the more powerful GPU to run)."
    That was the answer. I had a profile set for my CM games but "autoselect" gpu was ticked and I am guessing it was loading the intel gpu rather than NVIDIA gpu.
    The game looks amazing now. Thanks again guys
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    Sgt.Squarehead reacted to Mord in BUGS! BUGS! BUGS!   
    When armored car crews bail out, they are coming up as "tank crews" in their bailed state, instead of "AFV crews". The following vehicles and game titles are infected with this evil.
    PSW 222 CMBN: Tank Crew
    PSW 223 CMBN: Tank Crew, CMFB: Tank Crew, CMRT: Tank Crew
    PSW 231 CMBN: Tank Crew, CMFB: Tank Crew, CMRT:Tank Crew
    PSW 233 CMBN: Tank Crew, CMFB: Tank Crew, CMRT: Tank Crew
    PSW 234/1 CMBN: Tank Crew, CMFB: Tank Crew, CMRT: Tank Crew
    PSW 234/2 CMBN: Tank Crew, CMFB: Tank Crew, CMRT: Tank Crew
    PSW 234/3 CMBN: Tank Crew, CMFB: Tank Crew, CMRT: Tank Crew

    In CMFI the StuG IIIG Early & Mid, and the StuH Mid and StuH 42 Early have missing textures. As far as I can tell it happens with the 4.0 upgrade. When I put the lod/mdrs, and textures from previous patches/brzs into the mod folder it goes back to normal. The only change for these vehicles in the 4.0 update is newer lod/mdr files, so the problem must be there...and I don't like it!

    In CMFI feet are sticking through the bottom of the Grille and ( even worse) through the Marder II. This too, is evil.

    That is all.
    P.S. I don't like this one either! (CMBN Vehicle Pack)

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    Sgt.Squarehead got a reaction from Hister in Irratic Framerate Issue   
    About what turn would that be?
    In Op-Linnet at start-up I'm getting 27-30FPS, with 'moderate' detail etc.
    Intel I7-3770 3.4 - 3.9Ghz, Win7, NVidea GeForce 660GTX (old drivers), 16GB Ram
    PS - I've played the 'All American' variant of Op Linnet to completion and don't recall noticing any slowing down or jerkiness. 
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