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Need help finding my own soundmod!


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Oddball, I have them (there are four..."Oddballs_Final_Soundmod" Heavy Version, Standard version, Standard version small arms only, and "Not so final Patch").

Trouble is, CMMMODIII won't let me upload. I had to have Bootie upload my CMSF2 USMC uniforn mods for me.  I could Dropbox them to you or someone who can upload. (Bootie is pretty busy lately, so I'll let someone else bother him, lol!)

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Claude, quick question, did you get the ones I put in the DB yesterday?  Also,  I have these from CMBN:

Oddballs Soundmod MkII

Oddballs Final Soundmod - Not so final patch 2

Oddballs Final Soundmod - Not so final patch 3



All of them except Soundmod MkII have the following Readme:

Ok, here's the deal.

I did not make these sounds.
I took them from other mods.
Yes, I tried to contact the mod authors but since the mods are 5-7 years old I didnt have much luck with that.
However, since they have been used (uncredited) by other soundmods for CMBN, I feel that I've done due diligence.

TrappaKeepa from gamebanana.com
Gunslinger for the sounds from Cinema Sound mod (for S:HOWWII)
Unknown for the deathscream sounds from some Operation flashpoint mod. I dont know who he was, but god bless him for those :D
Cptn. Mike for the use of his vehicle sounds (with permission)
CMJD for his "Big Feet" sherman soundmod (no e-mail in the mod so I couldn't contact him for permission)
Waclaw for the use of some of the Cannon, vehicle movement, death screams and Impact sounds.

I assume you all know the drill for installing mods.

If not, I'll give you this much:
Create a folder named Z in your Combat Mission/Data folder.
Extract my mod into that folder.

DO NOT USE ANY OTHER SOUNDMODS AT THE SAME TIME (unless you pick and choose from them and know what you are doing. Just installing my mod over waclaws mod or the other way around for example, will not work properly.)

That is all.




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The one I'm missing is the CMRT version of the Final sound mod.

Right now, I can only find two version of "the final sound mod" on greenasjade (admittedly, I'm finding it hard to navigate that site), and neither is for CMRT as both explicitly state in the description that there's a separate CMRT version.

EDIT: Sorry, missed the entire thread above (only thought there was one answer, silly me).

I have NONE of my old mods. I'd appreciate anyone who could upload them.

I've downloaded the "final" one on greenasjade, but that's all I have.

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