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  1. Just play around with some Tiny QB's first (give you idea of Game Mechanics and developing Tactics), then start playing Scenarios/Campaigns...As, Danfrodo, mentioned, This way you don't loose that first time experience playing Scenarios. I have faith in you, Zloba, and know you can do it :-)
  2. Hey Zloba, Awaiting 'Training Roadblock'...Make it your first Combat AAR/DAR :-)
  3. Nah ! don't use Zooks against Tiger at PB range...Just run up to it with the magical grenades to take it out.
  4. I only play WWII, and 'Iron Mode' (nothing else matters), and it should take a fair amount of time for C2 Info (thou, I still find it too quick, but I digress)...However, I do find Off-Map Arty, using FO's, takes a much longer time to come down
  5. Yes, PBEM does allow for 60 second replay...You can try this out by setting up a 2 player game against yourself and sending files back-n-forth for a turn or two.
  6. And, it's why God said, "Return Irish vs John's next Game File" (Germs vs Paras...Little Arnhem) :-)
  7. I'm here for you, my Brothren :-) Now, don 't forget to complete your CMBN w/CW (unless you only want to play U.S. vs Germ) and update to 4.03...
  8. There not Games...Now, ATARI was the Game :-)
  9. I also just looked at a couple HO & Micro-Armor Rules Penetrations & Armor, etc ( Tractics, Panzer Tactics, GHQ Tank Charts). Tractics has penetration of Turret face (50mm @15) at around 750 meters, and Turret Mantle at Point Blank or less then 100 meters (Turret Mantle stated as having 80mm)...However, both Panzer Tractics & GHQ Tank Charts shows the M5 penetrating Turret of PZIV H Turret (overall 62mm) at Point Blank or less then 100 meters. So, Tractics probably sounds closer to what the penetration should be against Turret Face, however, if the Mantle is indeed 80mm, then
  10. APCBC came out by late 43'-early 44' and so 700m sounds about right... Now, I remember an account someone mentioned where in N. Africa a platoon of Stuarts jumped/ran around 1-2 PZIV F2-G's and after several shots to the front, flank, rear didn't get a KO, and ended up running off.
  11. This above...The All-In-One Installer will also bring you to v4.03 (if you don't already have it), thou, you probably don't have to re-apply any License Keys (since you already did that). Hmm, I also wonder if that's the reason why we can't get our PBEM going...I have 4.03, and if you don't, then your going to have to update.
  12. After some more Play Testing I think it now seems ALL COVER has been bumped up, and not just buildings...Once any type of Quality Troops (doesn't matter if Green, or negative Motivation/Leadership) get behind any COVER (maybe including Open Terrain) they tend to stay and Love You Long-Time. Also, the final deciding factor of said Enemy Units to Surrender or leave cover is to get within 0 to few Action-Spots (more effectively while they are Suppressed and or have taken heavy casualties). Oh, I see now...Think BF decided it was just easier to Hard-Code the 'Unlimited Pause'.
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