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  1. Yes, this is happening to me also. My troops are fleeing toward known enemy locations, actually leaving the cover of bocage and running toward the enemy through the hedgerow gaps, with predictable results.
  2. Just checking in to make sure everything got "migrated", I can still post, etc. So far, so good.
  3. I did not, since I wasn't sure if they would be a waste of points. It was a brutal, bloody fight (as can be seen in the AAR I linked). Art made excellent use of TRPs. He's a crafty opponent, for sure.
  4. The game (finally) ended in a Draw on August 11th. I've been off these forums (shame on me) for a while, so I thought I better post something before I get auto-deleted for inactivity (if that even happens here). Good game, Art! Here is a link to the Ladder report submitted by Art on Few Good Men (I'm Meat Grinder there.....obviously). :-) http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/thefgmforum/threads/new-ladder-report-submitted.26384/
  5. Yea, and it's possible your three flaming T-90s will light the sky as funeral pyres for your many Russian dead soldat. Not getting involved in the subject of this thread, as I really don't know sh*t about modern. Just ribbing Art a bit on our game. ;-)
  6. A very practical and informative answer! Thanks, IICptMillerII . One last question.....are Drones any good in Thick Haze?
  7. I don't want to reveal what I plan to do in this case, as I understand my esteemed opponent frequents this forum. Thanks for the advice, men.
  8. @gnarly I happen to love the "trash talking" (i.e. psychological warfare). Art seems to be well versed.....
  9. So, I'm not a modern player at all. Only played a few games against the AI and one PBEM. Starting a new QB PBEM with me attacking (Probe, actually) as the Yanks against the Soviets, er...I mean Russians. My opponent is a skilled player with a lot of experience playing Black Sea. I have a lot of WW2 CM experience, but not modern. So, he set the weather to random, and it came up Thick Haze. It's a dawn attack. Looks like I get 16k+ points to purchase with. So.......should I buy any aircraft or drones, or would the Thick Haze make them useless (like it would in WW2)? I already know I'm proba
  10. I got the upgrade bundle and everything seems to be working fine now.
  11. Pretty much this. Interestingly, a similar thread recently came up on the Few Good Men forums. My personal "house rules" regarding this are: No pre-planned arty (even with a delay) or TRPs for either side in a meeting engagement. No pre-planned arty (even with a delay) for the defender in a probe/attack/assault. Pre-planned arty (even arty landing on the first turn) is fine for the attacker in a probe/attack/assault. Always remember to discuss house rules when you are playing an opponent for the first time, as opinions differ. For example, I recently played
  12. Those are some great features, Steve. Thanks for the head's up.
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