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    Burpelson Air Force Base
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    Wargaming, flying airplanes, shooting guns, drinking, smoking, reading, and watching football.
    You know, all the really important stuff.


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    I was born, I grew up, and this is what I am.
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    Tilton, New Hampshire
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    War Games of all shapes and sizes.
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    Commercial Pilot (Unemployed)

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My AARs: vs. Raptorx7, vs. John Kettler, vs. Ithikialvs. Bletchley_Geek,

My wargaming career began in 1991 when I built a pencil-and-paper strategy game I came to call World Command.
The premise was simple, build a country and conquer the world.
The names and faces changed over the years, but World Command ran continuously for 17 years.
I have been searching for a computer game as comprehensive as a pencil and paper game, but even after all these years, I have yet to find it.

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