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  1. That is good news, considering that one of the screenshots seems to show an 88 mm PaK with its wheels off so it was easier to dig-in. Would've been a shame to depict that but then have everyone see it in a micro-second. Do the Germans get smokeless ammo in TOW (I've heard this bandied about by JasonC or John Kettler or somesuch knowledgeable person on the CM boards)? [ July 30, 2006, 02:53 PM: Message edited by: Brent Pollock ]
  2. Yeah, spooky. Sure hope this isn't the case. Maybe it's just an artefact of all the screenies/vids being taken once the small arms fire has started flying? They certainly have bmps to handle open hatches and all the open-topped vehicles (e.g. M-10 & flakwagons) show crew...but none of the close-topped vehicles show crewman outside. Maybe this'll be an add-on, like being able to enter buildings? [ July 30, 2006, 02:48 PM: Message edited by: Brent Pollock ]
  3. Grog, smog! It's lactose (sugar = sweet), not lactate (acid = sour). And that cow obviously ain't dead, it's just sleeping! I knew a Cow Grog would be along soon with a disturbing level of information [/QB]</font>
  4. ...they do look like C-47s...but an M-3 with a paradrop...artistic licence?
  5. Heretic! I expect anoyone on this board, regardless of nationality, to be pulling for an Italy/England/Germany/France showdown [yeah yeah...Brazil sent a contingent to fight in the Italian campaign, but so what...it was a fiddling, miniscule force?!]
  6. So, how long will I, a lazy bastard devoid of modding talent, have to wait before we get a mod to replace the iron cross? Or will I be able to use the same bmp that is used in CMBB?
  7. Another tip for newbies. Anytime you're going to post hints on scenarios (rather than on random QBs), preface it with a warning like: --------------------------------- CAUTION! Possible spoilers! ------------------------------ ...this is to prevent the mystery from being lifted off, which some folks don't like. Obviously, the CMBO demo is getting on in years and shouldn't be much of a surprise for folks...except newbies, of course. Welcome to the fold.
  8. I need a melting-snow modded series because mine always catch fire...
  9. No reinforcements in a QB; everything starts on-map.
  10. Some of this should really have been in the Allied Briefing. I was the Axis in the F-t-F game of HP1 and switched to the Allied side for HP2, just in case the defender sufferred lock down again. Lo & behold - they were about 98% locked down. Again, something should be in the briefing to explain this to the Allied player or it should be listed as "recommended as Axis vs AI".
  11. ...and if it does get immobilised, don't have it fire until it runs out of ammo because the crew will bail out (found that out in ROW IV).
  12. Is it different from the version you & I played?
  13. ...and they have been trained to quite some degree, so Conscript status really isn't warranted.
  14. ...and if you want to play with all these toys, you'll have to crack open the Pegasus Bridge HASL module...or be content with the listings on the pieces in the The Longest Day.
  15. I'm unfamiliar with the alphabetic progression for testing, but this seems to involve a gamma version now
  16. Ummm....never play on a competitive ladder? Your game, your call.
  17. Sometimes you can get away with crossing a frozen river because the ice is in dead ground due to the elevation drop from the bank. It can make a huge difference if you're on a river defense, with just a couple of fords and a bridge to cover, only to find the entire water obstacle has become permeable to infantry.
  18. You can also get Operational oddities wherein the weather will switch from battle to battle, giving you ice...then no ice 30 minutes later...followed by a snap freeze after another half-hour.
  19. From what I remember, one or two per company would be about right. If you go with one per platoon, then I wouldn't give them the experience boost. Also, what's wrong with attackers getting them as scouts, especially if you don't give them the experience boost? You can also edit their ammo down so they can't act as actual sharpshooters.
  20. [spoiler alert...although the Op is so old it hardly warrants it] Now, now, don't lie by ommission; in The Bitter End, you also get about 1 or 2 arty FOs per company, with a fiar swack being 120-152 mm. That Op is all about blasting the beejeesus out of the Germans using heavy duty barrages and then some smoke screens from the small calibre stuff...and do not forget the three(?) T-34 platoons, one of which is OT-34s. The greatest danger to Soviet troops in that one is mistaken air attacks. Whacking great fun - I highly recommend it.
  21. Oh, Balls! What kind of ritual is it if you postpone it!? Sharpen the knives and put on the clawed gloves!
  22. Hmmm...I think this also depends on the brdige type. Wee wooden ones are not as tall as the massive stone ones, yes? Regardless, as mentioned, the fix is to raise/lower the non-water terrain to level up with the bridge.
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