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  1. Here are my 2 cents... If you plotzed the smoke all over once you'd picked up at least one contact, even a sound contact, great friggin' use of smoke - you're to be congratulated. If you plotzed all the smoke around without any evidence that there were enemies in town, it was gamey. Still really nice use of smoke, just gamey.
  2. Thought I'd revive this one as it's affecting my transitional games as well as my v1.01-only ones. Plenty of heavily armed trucks seem to be appearing on the Russian Front! I've had "Truck?" and "Tankette?" etc. designations show up with all kinds of attendant graphics. Sometime it'll show a ".bmp" appropriate to the wording, other times I'll get the ".bmp" and specifications (e.g. 105 mm gun for armament) of an assault gun and have it blithly label it a "Truck?". For what it's worth, I always have FoW set to Extreme. Has there been any developments with this strangeness. It definitely wasn't showing up in v1.0.
  3. I don't think I've seen this quirk mentioned in this thread. Doesn't it seem odd that we short-change ourselves on points when we are the attacker. What I'm getting at is this: We add up Lines 27 through 34 and get a Force Size. If I undersatand things correctly, this is entered in the QB as the Force Size. But this is the Defenders Force Size limit, not the Attackers. I did some doodling with the QB outputs and came up with the following: - ASSAULT gives Attacker 1.72 x Defender Force Size - ATTACK gives Attacker 1.50 x Defender Force Size - PROBE gives Attacker 1.40 x Defender Force Size. So, shouldn't we either: (i) be multiplying lines 28-33 according to our Attack type or; (ii) be dividing our Force Size by 1.72, 1.50, 1.40 (as required) to generate the QB Force Size parameter? Also, the ratio seems unaffected by QUALITY/FITNESS/AMMO/SEWER but does get divided by the CASUALTY value.
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