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  1. Entering hyperspace or just another German MDMA party at the front?
  2. I've been depressed since the collapse of CMC. Do the Soviets get commissars? Are HQ units equipped with the M-42 Discipline Enforcement Baton (DEB)? Should I be wearing pants while asking these questions?
  3. I noticed that all of the scenarios are of a fixed length. Do you dislike variable game lengths?
  4. Doesn't AFV size have a part to play? I seem to recall complaints about Tigers drawing any and all aircraft like moths to a flame. You get quite a few KV-1's as the Soviet player. I think the biggest tanks you get as the German player are some captured T-34's. Maybe that explains it.
  5. Is this from Renaud's 22nd Panzer Div. series? I recall the CAS being very effective. I think the air units were crack quality or better.
  6. Whoops. I got the author and playtesters mixed up. Go ahead and apply the compliments to yourself, Richie. lol
  7. I'm playing as Americans in "Methode Champenoise" and Germans in "If at all". Why?
  8. Hello, Kingfish! I'm currently playing "Methode Champenois". I'm probably about to be slaughtered, but the map is great and I'm having fun. "If at all..." is proving a tough nut to crack, too.
  9. I highly recommend the museum to anyone who hasn't visited and that you buy advance tickets, unless you enjoy queues.
  10. Ugh. I can think of no greater pain than trying to deploy an 88 offensively. I was playing an attack scenario set in October or November 1941, and my PBEM opponent had 3 or 4 KV tanks. So, the single 88 that I had was desperately needed. And, of course, when I attempted to place it, the gun was dropped in the wrong spot. Yay.
  11. I was wondering if anyone knows of any scenarios based on the battle of Narva in 1944. A search here turned up a scenario called "Orphanage Hill". It seems to have gone the way of the old Scenario Depot. Thanks in advance.
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