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  1. Whole Program (with a few exceptions - small amount of Delphi)
  2. Yes, the interface is specified in a text file and is implemented in the code in a fairly specific place. XML is a nice idea, but ultimately it is a very specific text file format that must be written to CMBB. Any misalignment of parameters (an extra byte or something) will muck it up. Check out "Starting a CM Battle Mappings.doc" for an overview.
  3. LOL! That sounds about right, yes :-)
  4. Indeed. There is no guarantee that just because it is open source, there is a team to work on it. It will require considerable effort, whatever approach is taken. There are several approaches that may be deemed viable. Good luck to anyone who does take it on.
  5. I regret that I have had to cancel the development of Combat Mission Campaigns, at least in its present form, and possibly in any form. What went wrong CMC was a major undertaking, and I certainly underestimated how long it would take to develop. I was probably way too ambitious. Just building an interface to CMBB was one thing, and a tricky one at that, given that CMBB had not originally been designed with that end in mind. But as well as that there was an engine that enabled 'relative spotting' for each commander, given the reports that he would have access to from his subordinates, in
  6. Thanks for the help. I had the same problem and the driver update fixed it wonderfully
  7. I made a map and an Operation but I can't really make it work the way I think it should. One of the reasons for this is that there are only a few troops and a small battlefield, and the minimums used in Operations are way too big for the scale I am trying to build. Anyway... Given that I can't get the Op to work out, I think I could still make it fun as a battle. How do I convert my map and stuff to a battle rather than an Operation? (Forgive me if this is a stupid question!) Thanks, Bruce
  8. Ben, BTS, A close down and restart cured it for me tonight. I will post again if it re-occurs. Bruce
  9. Steph, Interesting piece of data, thanks. I'm not overclocking but obviously this is a reasonably fast chipset. I wonder how many people are playing with systems this fast, and whether there is any possibility that we are violating some timing "considerations" in code? Bruce
  10. 1 player quick battle against the AI. 1. and 3. are very reproduceable ( I wish they were not). 2 I can try for!
  11. BTS, Sorry I couldn't find reference to this by searching but it probably has already been reported? 1. In 1.03, QuickBattle, my VCR controls sometimes go screwy. When moving through the 1 minute turn, if I hit advance or back I can then only get the turn at the :00 time or the :60 time, nothing in-between. 2. Last night, something even odder happened. I played the turn and hit fast forward. The thing moved to the end of turn and I saw that one of my Schreck teams had knocked out an advancing sherman. Nice. Through some combination of rewinds, I managed to start the turn again and got
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