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  1. I concur, but OTOH you can always tell them to go and take a dive into or a long swim in the 'West Nile', lol!
  2. From a thin book on Panzer Grenadier fighting techniques: 75mm leIG 18 Caliber: 75mm Length: 0.9m Weight: 400kg Range: 3550m Projectile weight: 5.45 or 6kg (12 or 13.23lb) 150mm sIG 33 Caliber: 149mm (5.9inch) Length: 1.65m Weight: 1750kg Range: 4700m Projectile weight: 38kg (83.79lb)(HE) 105mm leFH 18/40 Caliber: 105mm Length: 3.31m Weight: 1955kg Range: 12325m Projectile weight: 14.81kg (32.66lb) 105mm K 18 Caliber: 105mm Length: 5.46mm Weight: 5624kg Range: 19075mm Projectile weight: 15.14kg (33.38lb) 150mm sFH 18/36 Caliber: 149mm (5.9inch) Length: 4.44
  3. O'h yeah, they are too, I should have said that their maximum ranges are shorter and less effective at range than if they were armed with rifles. OTOH all this talk about weapons and tank crews carrying rifles/carbines, SMGs and having provisions to field mount their detatched and retracted MGs has got me thinking about what the crews really needed them for: sentry duty. Cirtainly they may not have taken the trouble to have removed tank MGs to perform this task, (while also rendering their tank less combat ready in the process) although they might have done so for a broken down or bogged
  4. And the Rumanians used their Breda/Bohler L32/47mm IGs likewise. I will have to admit that I have no evidence that they used them indirectedly. I'm just assuming that they did based on the fact that they could have, given their 7000 metre range, which is abviously not within direct flat tragectory LOS fire. I agree that AFAIK IGs date from WWI with the origional German conceptional form of them being a 37mm caliber infantry fire support 'assault gun', which was to perform the tasks in the manner that you lay out above in an attack. They were to advance with the infantry and provide
  5. Regarding the FP points of crews I believe that in CM they are considered to be armed with pistols ergo their FP is what normal pistol rates are for the same quality troops, like in HQ units. That is why their rates are less than rifles, because they arn't armed with rifles, but pistols. Weapon crews do occationally use them at close range enemy even while they are still serving their piece, possibly discounting the No.1 gunner from the total number of pistols calculated as firing, I'm assuming, although I've no idea for sure. I don't absolutely know for sure but the still weapon mann
  6. Done Redwolf and thanks again if you are serious. BTW I tried to open your homepage and it wouldn't connect, if it is just the computer that I'm using racked witht virises and bugs whatever then may be my email didn't get to you either. Please let me know one way or another if you could. Now I hope that you and everybody understand just how completely out of touch with this technology that I am. I can half use a computer but undertstand it and IT I'm no good at ...yet. Please understand my fear of it all and of making a mistake when buying a new PC and assortments. Yes I am a Ludite a
  7. Jason is right about what the different spotters represent. Each German Infantry Regiment had a 13th Company with 1 2 gun 150mm heavy Inf Guns Platoon/Battery and 3 2 gun 75mm light Inf Guns Platoons/Batteries. Later in the War the 150s were either retained or replaced with a 4 tube 120mm heavy mortar Platoon/Battery, while the 75s were either retained, or shall we say lengthen by being upgraded to L24/75mm guns (origionally on short barrelled Panzer IVs & Stug IIIs) or again they were replaced by twice their number by 81mm mortars; for 12 extra 81mm mortars. All German Divisional and a
  8. No Jason the Rumanians had two differrent 47mm guns, which were intended to serve different perposes, one light shorter barrelled version (which was also pack/man portable) and a longer version which was an Anti-Tank gun with a limited light support capability. The differrence is in the initial velocities produced between the 1.5 metres barrel length on the Bohler and 2.5 metres barrel length on the Schneider. While the Rumanians had plenty of 37mm Bofors ATGs to go around, they did have some 47mm ATGs (Schneider)in ATG units largely with the Cavalry Divisions. OTOH there was the 2 gun Infa
  9. My CD-ROM problems don't prove anything about memery, they serve to illustrate hardware difficulties resulting from not investing in up to date equipment. I still have a CP with an x8 speed CD-ROM and all the games that I couldn't play with the x4 speed CD-ROM. I still can't play them though, because the x8 is damaged, it still runs a few things, but absolutely nothing that requires the full x8 speed. The games remain unplayed which is really anoying. Possibly I could get around to having it finally fixed, but I don't think that there is anyone out there still fixing such old equipment.
  10. I'm not saying that any of this is really a bug in CMx1, but... well it just bugs me! [ December 29, 2006, 04:55 PM: Message edited by: Zalgiris 1410 ]
  11. Actually remagel so far I have found the staff at Harvey Norman very competent and to have computer expertise above and beyond their function as simply computer salesmen and IT service peons. The problem that I 'believe" that I have with that chain is that it feels restrictive upon its talented staff and doesn't provide enough information to perspective buyers; ie moi! I'm trying to avoid buying on line because I need someone to actually talk me through it (hopefully not into or out of anything bad) and demonstrate a little, etc. Redwolf I'm gonna have to insist upon the DDR2 2GB because
  12. I know stuff all about Computers so I am asking you fallas before I buy a new one. I want not necessarily the top of the range, but close since I intend to learn to use it properly, meaning do much more with it, ie get into a bit of graphic design even if only to learnt the ropes. I do realise that I'll need capacity to do so. I have been looking around but it is almost all too technical for me, I'm getting swampt by it all! I really am out of touch. What I am determined to get so far is something with a 2 GB DDR2 RAM and at least a 250-320 GB Hard Drive, preferably the latter. I've also
  13. Point taken on the 60mm mortars Jason. I don't know much at all about the SOP of a Rumanian Company battery of 2-3 60mm mortars, especially as to wheither they were past out to the platoons individually or bunched up and controled like an actual battery or not or what! However given that they were origional organised on a 2 per Company basis for full strength Battalions (as for 41 type Battalions) I'm making the assumption that they were controled (or were attempted to be) like a battery even given their short range and slight blast effect. The increase to 3 per Company in 42 seems to have bee
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