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  1. In real life, vineyard wire caused all sorts of problems for tankers...they hated them, from what I've read of Canucks in Italy.
  2. Hmmm...that angle doesn't look terribly steep. It doesn't say "we're using plunging howitzer fire" to me. It looks more akin to the use of Shermans & M-10s in indirect fire mode. In those cases, to get something closer to plunging fire, they drove the vehicle onto some form of incline.
  3. [possible spoiler] Hmmmm...I think I've played this one FtF as the Finns and got hammerred when I couldn't cross the open ground on the middle right before my smoke ran out.
  4. No. As mentioned back on page 2 of this thread, it's a question of button vs zipper fly
  5. Is it possible that: 1. you just missed the platoon HQ during the end-of-battle review (did you "+" key through both sides?) 2. more units ran off map than just the one your lads were able to observe?
  6. ummm...out drinking, I'm guessing.
  7. ...and the fly grog I've been awaiting since page 2 finally arrives Since when did Russian uniforms in the 1940s have zipper flys? tsk tsk </font>
  8. How about a compromise for the initial release: they'll include mortar teams, but they can only set up in roofed buildings.
  9. If you had your e-mail in your profile, I'd have already sent you a game file instead of posting here. If you want to play, send something to me (my e-mail should be in the profile: b3b@telusplanet.net). I've only played these rules solo and am also curious to see how it goes in a 2 player game; I suggest we start with something small...not to heavily forested, as the trees are the hardest things to see past. Plenty of hills and buildings should be good. I'll play any nationality, date or weather.
  10. Hmmm....did the Soviets actually have a zippered fly as part of their uniform instead of button-ups? I guess I'll have to sit back and wait for a Fly Grog to chime in...
  11. Rules - not that I know of. My experience with it is hit and miss; sometimes you just get two half squads on one side of the wall.
  12. Loved it! I suggest "PANZER-SHREK" as a title?
  13. Oh gawd - no! My wrist still aches thinking of the demo...and then there were those gawdawful English language voicings, like "Hees arrrmore eees too theeck!" Weeks later I found the CMBO demo and haven't looked back since. [ August 01, 2006, 12:01 PM: Message edited by: Brent Pollock ]
  14. The graphics aren't the concern here, rather it's the extra "rules" usually required to account for all the stumbling about, getting disoriented, illumination rounds/fires & friendly fire that is more prevalent in the black of night.
  15. Beats me. Maybe just a picture that would allow the aircrews to justify not being able to interdict anything moving under that canopy. Or maybe the gaps are from bomb/shell impacts?
  16. There is one city battle that we would work with the first release, if it had Italian forces - Germans vs Italians in Rome. I recall one ASL scenario that forbade either side from entering buildings because orders had been isued to limit impact on civilians/architecture or somesuch. Hmmm...maybe only the Germans were restricted by this special rule...memory fading... Which brings, me to my next question: when we get the Italian add-on, will they be able to fight the Germans, especially in Sept 43?
  17. Of course, we're all expecting each and every plane from IL-2/PF.
  18. If TOW doesn't have the Brazilians, I'm not buying it
  19. From the ToW page: Over 30 different maps designed using historical military documents and covering a variety of seasons, weather conditions and environments... Will night be included in the initial release, or will we have to wait for an upgrade? [a quick search suggested that no one else had posed this question]
  20. And I bet they can't climb trees, either
  21. [squint...squint harder] Hmmm...I think you are quite correct. I originally eyeballed it quickly and mistook the darkened blast area for a dug pit...and the whells looked so perfectly placed, too...sigh... LOL. To me it looks like it got pounded til the wheels fell off. </font>
  22. Hey...yeah... TANK = ROLLING BUNKER & BUNKER = SPECIALISED HOUSE (usually with just a single storey/door/room/"window") ...so...treat a house like a big, non-moving tank with a large crew. Works for me. The next level will be loopholing & mouseholing, but those can wait for the urban combat upgrade
  23. So...no more firing mortars from right smack behind tall buildings or through a thick tree canopy (or does fuse/fuze timing take care of the latter anyway)?
  24. You think he meant "lactation"? Wow - that would require a cow grog...maybe the udders will be moddable :eek:
  25. Hmmm...so on the attack, I'm not going to have to worry about dropping the church steeple, because no one'll be in it. That's going to save me some ammo. Assaulting without HE fire support should be easier, too, because I won't have to sweat assaulting that big stone farmhouse that dominates that Italian vineyard because it's too damned muddy for my tanks to come up and the FO can't get the 25 pdrs on it due to the atrocius maps he has to use. I'm going to love TOW when it comes out, but I'll even take it home for dinner with my folks & keep a picture of it in my wallet once it also has buildings you can use.
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