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  1. So it's basically a streaming service? I share my CMSF2 screen with my friend and sometimes I can give him full controll of the game? And then he can give it back? So we can control the same side in a battle?
  2. It's work like charm! First I didnt know where it save the pictures (I was looking at the Pictures folder, but found out it was in the Videos folder). Thanks for the good advise!
  3. Thank you! That is a brilliant idea! I usually use that feature only for capturing video and I forgot it could take screenshots too.
  4. Thank you! I guess you are right and it's not possible to redefine. It's just hard to take screenshots... Thanks for the quick reply!
  5. Actually, it's name is "Szálasi röppentyű" and röppentyű is more like "slingshot" than needle. Szálasi was the hungarian Hitler. And in that time there was a lot of other name eg: "Stalin organ" or "Hitler bacon"... These names was popular, so I guess Szálasi röppentyű was not an official name, just a nickname. Most of the troops never use it, they usually use the German Panzerfaust. Even the most elite paratrooper units use Panzerfaust only.
  6. The F12 key is the basic screenshot button in Steam, but every time when I try to use it in CMSF2, the camera show a very different part of the game-space and sometimes it select a very different unit. I checked the key bidings from the menu, but no F-keys listed. Can I redefine this function for an other key, so I can use F12 only for screenshots? (This is my first topic in the last 8 years, so pls be kind if I asked something noob)
  7. I made a few scenario (and map) form CMBB about Budapest. But all map was only a small part of the city. Probably, you cannot make a map with all city. But, if you ever need authentic (not today) map of Budapest. I can give you a 1940 map. I upload it to somewhere in the CMBB-times. In the linked book, I read a good story (maybe just an urban legend): when a Russian recon team climb up in a church tower and the officer scan the horizon of the city, one of the privates told him: "Don't believe it tovarish! It's just a German projections. They project this image to us for desinformation".
  8. I'm not sure Buda is the last hill (I guess North of lake Balaton has higher hills - but at least good vinaries (grapes) grow there), but Budapest is bigger then Vienna. Budapest is a huge, dense urban area and Hitler tried to recreate a reverse-Stalingrad. It was his test, how Berlin will be a fortress. And Stalin was a partner in this and Russians didn't left the defender alone and continue the assault to West, but they sieged it for hundred and few days. It was a very valuable delay for the Germans. And a very tragic time for Hungarians. Budapest practically vanished during the siege
  9. The main reason why Hitler occupied Hungary in 1944 is to prevent the hungarian peace/surrender to Allies. Hitler was shocked by Romania's treachery, and German intelligence got info about Hungary's not-so-secret diplomatic effort to surrender to Allies. So he ordered to capture Hungary. Hungary made the peace effort very screwed, because we want only surrender to USA - UK, but not USSR. The history proove our concern, but it was fool idea in that geopolitical situation.
  10. I got many other uncut gameplay video from CM Normandy as an advertise when I start a very other kind of video. And it happened since 2 month. And I got the last 'weird CM ad' yesterday too. I asked other CM-fans in a forum but no one else got this ad in YT, only me. Now, I find other guys who got this. IMHO it's a YT bug. Google will fix it.
  11. Take Command and AGEOD's ACW. I played these two and I loved these. The perfect game could be if someone mix these two, because Take Command is like Total War series's tactical part and AGEOD ACW is like TW's strategic part.
  12. I'm a fan of ACW. When I was kid (behind the iron curtain) we had a book about Grierson raid (believed or not, the commies thought he was a commie too - this is why they published this book) and it was one of my favorite (right after Bridge too far... ) and when the iron curtain fall and amazon invented, I ordered lot of book about ACW. But when I found this site (historyanimated) I understand much deeper the battles of ACW. Anyway, we are gamers: Did you know AGEOD's Civil War games? The second version is just published a few month before. But the older one is great too!
  13. I strongly recommend animated history (it was animated civil war originally) and these flash presentations give much more detailed information about the movement of battles then thousand of books. http://www.civilwaranimated.com/
  14. I'm working on a mission about Operation Biting (Bruneval) and there was light snow when it happened in real. I thought it's impossible in Normandy, so I just forget it. But I saw in the editor, there is an option 'snow' for ground condition, but disabled. It's mean, I can enabled it somehow, or it's only available in Fortress Italy (what I have not) and infiltrate to Normandy with patch 2.0?
  15. If you like Touch, you can vote for it: http://pockettactics.com/2012/12/10/2012-pocket-tactics-readers-choice-game-of-the-year-voting/
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