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  1. Mild Spoiler: Trust me, you will need that artillery for Cheneux and Stoumont.
  2. In my opinion, it is not a work in progress. It is more just a matter of personal preference. If you like large battles like this it really is a good one. I have played it twice, trying a different approach the second time, and have no complaints or even real suggestions. ( I do wish Battlefront would devise a road movement system.) But if your preferences are different, then this probably isn't the scenario for you. As to your suggestion regarding The Proving Grounds, I agree, but only so more people can have access.
  3. Agreed. I was trying to put a positive spin on what is a lot of (work) detail. Just finished and I do feel that the work was worth it though. I personally like large scenarios, but I know some do not. I have been playing CM since the beginning and I think a road movement system would be at the top of my list of improvements. However, still an enjoyable scenario.
  4. Two hours in and just ready to assault Cheneux and Stoumont. Really enjoying the decisions required at this scale. Can't imagine the amount of work required to make this, but it is greatly appreciated! As mentioned in other posts, a road movement system would help, but the work required does help to model the problems the Germans had of moving so many vehicles over such a limited road net.
  5. Good scenario! Challenging - really takes a lot of concentration to incorporate all of your assets. You need to take advantage of a combined arms approach to win.
  6. The 4th mission was very bloody, but I did eventually get a German surrender. Not many Americans left, but Stevens did survive. The 5th mission is a real challenge - it took a replay to get a total victory, but I got my hat handed to me on the first play. This is a well-crafted campaign, if you like a @#$#@# challenge. Mistakes will cost your dearly!
  7. Thanks for the info. Played it a third time with a tactical victory and moved to the second battle. I always try to conserve my forces early in a campaign - every designer is different and I try to avoid being behind from the start. Deep into the second battle now and I must admit that this has been a challenge so far. One can tell that a lot of thought was put into the German's battle plans. If the remaining battles are as challenging as the first two, I will be cursing a lot!
  8. Possible spoiler: Played the first scenario and achieved a draw, which was not good enough to move to the next battle. Played again with a minor victory, but this was still not enough to move to the second battle. Wondering what it takes to continue in this campaign. Considering you are attacking a force that is equal to (or better) than your own, you will not have much left if you push much harder. What level of victory does it require?
  9. SPOILERS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I like to send the first platoon over the ford into the objective on the right flank. Load them up with javelins and clear this area first. It prevents some of the fire into your flank when crossing the bridges and allows you to interdict his reinforcements. (Use your artillery for a bombardment before entering the town.) Do not use your UAVs until you get the Tunguskas. Hopefully your artillery can get one in this area; if not, your javelins will do the job. If possible, move your first platoon Bradle
  10. Really interesting concept!! I am about three hours in and it has been a fun and challenging scenario. The only negative is the possibility that this leaves most other scenarios lacking in the future! Thanks for all of your work in creating this new approach.
  11. Spoilers: First, let me say I play in real time, which makes it easier to deal with the Russian probe. I got the sniper into the church in the center and he survived just long enough to call in an artillery strike on the Russian anti-air assets. This is critical to be able to call in the Apaches or they are quickly lost. Other units made it to the large building on the right where they played hide and seek until reinforcements arrived. (The javelin was able to take out two tanks.) It is also important to blunt the Russian armor somewhat or they will be sitting on top of your reinforcement
  12. Very good! From video and news accounts this is exactly what I would imagine, especially with the mods. Damn the RPGs!!
  13. Can you check the CP 222 objecticve in "The Rockets Red Glare" mission? I had units on it but it was not reflected in the AAR. I too was confused by the EW site description. Really enjoying the campaign!
  14. Mild Spoiler: Being aggressive from the start and picking the right spot make this winnable. If you plod, the artillery will pound you and the Stugs will be a factor.
  15. Intense might be an understatement. The action did not not stop from the the first shot til the bloody end!
  16. I really enjoyed this campaign. Very good job of conveying the difficulties of urban combat. The maps were excellent and the AI setups were all solid. I played it ver 4 and found the new routing created additional challenges (mentioned it on another thread) as you had to find and fight units multiple times. Thanks for your time and skill!
  17. Just a thought - some are saying that the early routing now favors the attacker, but I have found that to be the opposite in urban settings. You have to fight the same guys multiple times now, where in the past you could often destroy them in place. Also, before you can fight them again you must find them again and in urban settings that is a pain. (Except for the occasional route path that takes them towards you.) Not sure yet how I feel about this change overall, but it has made urban fighting more challenging for the attacker. I just finished the Aachen campaign - the last battle especially
  18. Sorry, missed the line above the video. My compliments to Josey Wales, but to you also for your taste in AARs. I agree that this is a great format.
  19. I really like your style. You are concise, but yet provide all of the necessary detail along with some great footage. Very enjoyable AAR!! Are you using a sound mod?
  20. As someone who grew up on board games I would probably pay for any upgrades BF chooses to make to CM.
  21. I know how you feel. I do not have any hard numbers, just lots and lots of time playing the game and I swear quite a bit that the AI has a fudge factor. Rather it is the lone rifleman making kills at 400 meters or an enemy mortar round that kills someone way out of the kill zone it seems that my guys never have such skill. I defer to those who know, but it still will not stop my swearing.
  22. Thanks! By the way, I am really enjoying this campaign. It is really the first time I have faced a skillful defense instead of just overwhelming numbers. I compliment anyone who takes the time to construct campaigns, but you did an outstanding job on setting up the AI in this one.
  23. So, playing the Hill 525 battle and ran into a confusing result. The briefing indicated that the hill was worth 300 points, meaning that if I captured the other objectives I would at least have a draw. However, the AI was awarded 600 points instead and to make matters worse I had numerous units in place to contest the objective. I have replayed the last few minutes and received the same results. I can not continue in the campaign so it is kind of frustrating. Any thoughts?
  24. Possible small spoiler: The defensive setup in battle two was a pain to unravel - well done. I can only imagine how long it took with the size of the map and number of units. Just getting into the third battle and already a surprise. Thanks for your work!
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