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  1. Yep, I think that should be all. If the names are messed up, then obviously something is wrong. Maybe check if you didn't by accident create a blank line or something like that? Can happen easily and would already mess everything up.
  2. Hi @markshot I updated the strings.txt for RtV version 2.10, see attached file. It is the light version of the mod, so some strings will not use pictures. Just drop the new text file into your current animated text mod folder. strings.txt
  3. Seems to be a general issue maybe with the patch, as I don't have the Cassino Master Maps any more as well, only the Venafro Map is in the folder.
  4. @kohlenklau I've attached the Strings.txt I use for my CMFB v2.02. You can give it a try, just put it into the Animated Text Mod folder for CMFB. It is the LIGHT varaint of the mod, btw. strings.txt
  5. I've just released version 2.1 of CMx2 ScAnCaDe at CMMODS: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=7766 In version 2.1, support of CMSF2 has been added. NOTE: Only scenarios, QBs and campaigns created with CMSF2 are supported by ScAnCaDe. For unpacking of the older CMSF campaigns, I recommend to use another tool, see here:
  6. Just have to mention that ScAnCaDe v2.0 will only work with the new CMSF2 campaigns, so the US Army, US Marine Corps and Training campaigns. It will not work with the still old CMSF1 campaigns, which are the British and all of the NATO campaigns. This is due to the slighlty different layout of the campaign files.
  7. Yep, it works, just tried it myself with the Task Force Thunder campaign. It will give some "unknowns" / "invalids" in the scenario / campaign information (since this info for SF2 is obviously not included in ScAnCaDe 2.0). But this is minor, for breaking down campaigns it will work perfectly.
  8. CMRT has some, in my eyes, classic battles to offer: - Studienka - Carius at Malinava - Der Ring der 5. Panzer-Division - CMRT Fester Platz Polozk The first three are Panzer-heavy affairs on great maps with lots of room for manoeuvering. Fester Platz Polozk is a great defence scenario against the AI, it really works quite well. Also, as already mentioned, Kampfgruppe von Schroif is a great campaign to be played, featuring German Panzer / Panzergrenadier forces in a counterattack. So, together with the change of the theatre and the Soviets as a completely new army, my
  9. OK, the last 2 pics are quite clear and this one man should have sufficed to occupy the VL (and get the points awarded). I have no explanation why it didn't register the VL, only a vague theory that this might be a freak corner this one lonely soldier is in and that therefore, due to some special circumstance in the VL/building/map and the soldiers placement, the game didn't correctly register him as being in the VL. Might be a bug or just an engine limitation, hard to say more, sorry.
  10. The VL only consists of the three "cathedral-like" buidlings, nothing else. Have a look in the editor if you don't believe me - Veni Vidi Vici being the scenario here. So the bunkers do not matter, since they are clearly not in the VL. It is hard to tell from this picture, but it looks like there might be no german troops at all inside the buildings. The one looking to be closest is in the top left-hand corner. Not sure if it's inside the building, but my guess would be that it is not. This would explain why no points have been awarded, since the VL was not occupied. Maybe you can
  11. Yep, campaign trees are auto-generated by ScAnCaDe. That's why they sometimes look so "special". No human could/would do it like this..
  12. I have identified some more units for March 1945 (21.03.1945): 34 SS Inf Div SS-Freiwilligen-Grenadier-Division „Landstorm Nederland“ 8 Fals Div --now properly named/numbered when compared to February '45 2 Inf Div Mountain (2. Gebirgsdivsion) 172 Inf Div That's it so far from me. Maybe somebody else can contribute for the months of October and November 1944.
  13. For February 1945 (10.02.1945), I only looked at units which have not been mentioned before. This is what I came up with: Wadehn (8) Fals Div 805 Inf Div Special Purpose 905 Inf Div Special Purpose So, not so many additions. Of course, some units had left the Western Front by this time, most notably the 6. Panzerarmee with all the SS Panzer Divisions, which went into the Eastern Front reserves. Will do March 1945 a little bit later on.
  14. And this one is for the 21.1.1945: Number Type comment 346 Inf Div Kampfgruppe 2 Fals Div 6 Fals Div 84 Inf Div Kampfgruppe 180 Inf Div 190 Inf Div 606 Inf Div Special Purpose 176 Inf Div 59 Inf Div 183 Volks Gren Div 353 Inf Div 363 Volks Gren Div 85 Inf Div 272 Volks Gren Div 62 Volks Gren Div 27 SS Div Langemark 28 SS Div Wallonien 277 Volks Gren Div 89 Inf Div 3 Fals Div 246 Volks Gren Div 18
  15. OK, so here is the 19.12.1944 as plain text again: Number Type comment 346 Inf Div Kampfgruppe 711 Inf Div 712 Inf Div 2 Fals Div 84 Inf Div Kampfgruppe 85 Inf Div Kampfgruppe 180 Inf Div 190 Inf Div 6 Fals Div Reserve 7 Fals Div 606 Inf Div Special Purpose 176 Inf Div 59 Inf Div 183 Volks Gren Div 340 Volks Gren Div 363 Volks Gren Div 246 Volks Gren Div 47 Volks Gren Div 353 Inf Div 89 Inf Div 15 Pz Gren
  16. OK, so for December 1944 (19.12.1944) it would look like this: Number Type comment 346 Inf Div Kampfgruppe 711 Inf Div 712 Inf Div 2 Fals Div 84 Inf Div Kampfgruppe 85 Inf Div Kampfgruppe 180 Inf Div 190 Inf Div 6 Fals Div Reserve 7
  17. It's a lot, to be sure. But it includes all the eastern front as well as the Italian, Balkans and Northern (Denmark, Norway) theatres. If, for CMFB, you're only interested in the direct western front in the classical sense (so, Benelux states and France), it would be quite easily do-able for the months from December 1944 to March 1945. So I could do one listing for each of the four months, let me know if this would help. It would still be a long list for each month though.
  18. The best overview I know of can be found here: http://wwii.germandocsinrussia.org/de/nodes/907-akte-85-schematische-kriegsgliederung-des-heeres-1944-1945#page/1/mode/grid/zoom/1 It covers the whole Heer from 05.12.1944 up to 31.3.1945 (don't know if there is much around for later stages, since disintegration was accelerating rapidly). It is also a primary source document produced by the OKH (Oberkommando des Heeres). Now you would only need somebody to go through this to produce a list like the one you have in mind .. not me though..
  19. Interesting discussion. I, as a single player, are certainly only representative of myself. But here are some statistics from my CMx2 career since 2011, when CMBN came out: With 414 battles completed, I would consider myself to be a veteran player. Of those 414 battles, 69 (16,6%) have been Quick Battles. Of those versus the AI - 0 (in a word: zero). 126 (30,4%) battles were played as part of a campaign, therefore against the AI. The remaining 219 (~53%) were scenarios, of which only 8 were played against the AI. So, when I play the AI, it tends to be mostly the campaigns. B
  20. OK, you're probably right, at least I have no immediate idea what to try specifically for your problem. The Java version is "current enough", so not the latest release but close enough so that this shouldn't cause any problems. One other idea could be to try running ScAnCaDe on another computer, if you have one available. See if it behaves differently. You would only have to transfer the jar, layout.xsl and the cam files you want to unpack. Anyway, just an idea.
  21. OK, this definitely sounds very wrong. I have no immediate idea what might be going on. If Campaign_Listing.xml is not generated, the program did not terminate, correctly or at all. From what you're describing, it sounds like the program is not terminating at all. Hours for one campaign is totally abnormal If you want to kill the program manually, it should show up in the task manager as Java(TM) Platform SE Binary (under Processes) or javaw.exe (under Details). Might I ask what version of Java you are using on your Win10 system?
  22. Nope, you just need the jar-file and file Listing_Layout.xsl in any directory, together with cam-files or btt-files. Subfolder source contains the java sources for the program, in case someone wants to change the program by himself. This subfolder is not needed if you just want to use the program.
  23. OK, trying to help out as far as I can: 1. Download the latest version of ScAnCaDe - 2.0, see link in my signature. 2. Try to run it with just ONE campaign file -for example CMRT Kampfgruppe von Schroif_v5.cam - in a separate folder, see if that works. It should generate a subfolder called "<campaign name> scenarios", which should contain all the individual scenario files after unpacking. Also, as there is no GUI, the end of processing is indicated by the file Campaign_Listing.xml appearing in the root folder (the folder containing the jar-file). If this xml-file does not appear,
  24. Hi Broadsword, sorry for the delay, I didn't see your request earlier. My Juvelize map covers the following area: The approximate (done manually with the help of Google Maps) corner position are as follows: NE: 48.776483 , 6.675931 NW: 48.776483, 6.613856 SW: 48.751065, 6.613856 SE: 48.751065, 6.675931 The map is finished, as far as I'm concerned (I guess you could always add and improve stuff, but at a certain point, it doesn't make sense anymore). If you're interested, I can send you the map to take a look. Just shoot me a PM.
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