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  1. You bring up an interesting point. Most of John's commercial games are done by a skilled and devoted team. I think John just oversees the games and tweaks the engine. Fine fellows all BTW so don't diss them.
  2. Another short but very historical game is Shrapnel's Warplan Pacific. This game captures both Japanese and American strategies with nice operational and tactical components - playable in three hours.
  3. EXACTLY!!! Throw in turn-based and it's done.
  4. Not the rule set but the concept. Good PR could hav walked the line and sent the same message; e.g. "Reminiscent of the scale of the boardgame, ASL...".
  5. Probably for legal reasons but Battlefront missed a chance at branding when it did not rightly push CM 1 as the true computer SL/ASL. Now that there's a slavish SL/ASL computer game out there, Tigers on the Hunt, the window is firmly closed.
  6. They had a very large ready-made audience with Harpoon fans, ready to play anything like Harpoon if they could avoid the endless internecine bickering. Some barbs were thrown but, by and large, they dodges the mess.
  7. Raptorx7, Youtube videos are helpful as is the demo/
  8. Unfortunately, I think Armchairgeneral.com is moribund. I haven't heard from the editor in weeks.
  9. I did use two of them. You didn't notice? That tells me a lot.
  10. OK, guys, my computer is fine. As I said repeatedly above, my screen capture app went nuts. I move close to show details.
  11. Thanks, Grunt GI. Bodybag, I originally had great shots of Stugs, Wirbelwind, etc., but, as I mentioned above, my screen capture app went bonkers and I didn't have time to re-do everything.
  12. You're right. I originally had screenshots of all three tree levels but then mt screen capture app went bonkers. However, I think the AT gun pic shows how well forests can hide.
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