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  1. Haha! Your defense is already cracking
  2. Having light armour - bren carriers are my favourite - supporting scouts and infantry is a good tactic. TRPs are essential in most situations, and speculative artillery strikes are useful, or wait 'til your scouts get killed then plaster the area with heavy artillery. Area fire, especially grazing fire, actually travels quite a long way, so if you fire in the general direction with MGs you'll probably get some good suppression. The advice above about having pauses between short hunt commands is good. Teams leapfrogging helps too.
  3. Did Allied gunners aim for this point? If so, is this modeled in the game?
  4. This is an excellent scenario. It's large, and there's a lot of clicking required for each move, but I like big scenarios. I'm about half-way through, playing head to head, and it's developed into one of the most chaotic and bloody battles I've ever played. My heart races when I play back each move. First class !!
  5. Area MG fire (target light), at the ground in front of a building seems to spread bullets around pretty well. I've used this in urban environments against buildings I couldn't target with shells, and it seemed to have an effect. Grazing fire at a nice low angle at an action square in front of a target you can't hit directly seems to have a good suppressive effect. It would actually probably be unrealistic to be able to hit a building with a shell from a very oblique angle, although I'm happy to be corrected.
  6. I loved CMAK and CMBB. It was deeply distressing when work needs forced me to upgrade my Apple system to the brand of OSX that made those games unplayable for me.
  7. I'd like to see more natural map elements (roads etc, not jaggy) and knocked out tanks - decals, damage, turrets blown off, tracks unravelled.
  8. That was a super interesting and fun AAR, c3k. I hope you do another one soon !
  9. You guys know more than me, so yeah, I'm sure you're right and I'm wrong - plenty of tanks would have had hatch locks. No doubt BFC will finesse the infantry close-assault thing over time.
  10. I hesitate to complain about the map designers, because the maps in this game are fabulous in my opinion, but looking through photos of bocage, there are many that show sections that look impassable, and others (most even) that have earth ramparts a tank couldn't cross, but are not so high or solid as to be impassable by infantry. Others look even gappier. The bocage tile in the map designer only represents the toughest of these types. I remember a couple of very good user-maps from CMBO, in which the hedgerows were made up of some bocage tiles, and some heavy-woods tiles, with little gaps
  11. Infantry close assault was a common and effective tactic by the Soviets and Japanese. That there are few accounts the Allies in Normandy (or none that I can recall, or that came up in a quick Google search) probably had more to do with the high risk/suicidal nature of the tactic, and the relative abundance of infantry AT weapons, rather than it being an impossible undertaking for troops of the Western Allies, as well as the fact that both sides were aware of the vulnerability of isolated tanks and made an effort to ensure their armour was usually supported. Isolated tanks should be vulnerab
  12. I was sceptical about this one - the über crews - but I've experienced it half a dozen times since the patch made it easier for infantry to knock out tanks.
  13. I don't mind the little grenade animations. It's always possible to imagine something better, or a variety of animations, but I wouldn't want to have no animation at all.
  14. The vast variety of ways infantry could attack a tank, with all the multiple interacting variables that each involves, sounds like an impossible thing to model without abstraction, short of having an AI that can model a real human mind. I'm cool with abstraction - the important thing is that tanks will die in close terrain without infantry support (hedges or no hedges), which is the realistic outcome.
  15. You have to get lucky. Basically, your opponent has to make a mistake so you can take out at least one of the Stuarts. Then you're in with a chance. Placing the AT gun in good cover is essential. You need to check that visually, just putting it in some trees isn't enough.
  16. I think having tanks invulnerable to infantry at close range is much more unrealistic than the situation being described. A WWII tank would have been extremely vulnerable to infantry at point-blank range, buttoned-up or not.
  17. I'm pretty hard-core about this game, and the little bugs don't really worry me...
  18. And has anyone else noticed the bug where the crew of an AT gun (I noticed it with German 75mm) are positioned apart from their gun (by 50m or so) but the gun still fires?
  19. As far as camouflage, AT guns just need a bit of range, get 'em in a scenario where they have reasonable cover and a decent killing zone at ranges 700m and more, they're deadly and extremely hard to spot.
  20. I like Iron level for its immersion, but I'd prefer to keep the little red crosses, and my other favourite, the little white flags.
  21. If I can have a bob each way, I love the 'professional' scenarios, and try and play them against human opponents, so as not to waste them, but I also like playing quick battles against the AI. It would be super if people didn't mind making little 'quicky' scenarios - semi-historical, small to medium, nice forces. No need for a complex AI plan, just setup the defender's forces in an intelligent way (which the AI often struggles to do). The kind of thing that could do for a QB between human opponents to overcome the cherry-picking thing that happens in H2H QBs.
  22. I read the briefing very carefully and followed its general advice, and I found that gave me a slight edge A brilliant map too, with very subtle elevations that made the game quite challenging.
  23. No spoilers. I just wanted to say what a fascinating scenario this is. I played it H2H as allies, and I have to say the allies had a slight edge, but it was a great scenario long and engaging with a lot of interesting tactical challenges. Well done to the designer.
  24. I designed a bunch of scenarios for CMBB/AK, nothing spectacular but reasonable. I've been working on one for CMFI-GL, and, though just as much fun, the time required is significantly greater. Having said that, I second the comment about the Proving Grounds - that was a great site - and MikeyD's "don't let the best be enemy of the good"
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