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  1. There's no way that any but the greenest German crew would panic after receiving one casualty and not even penetrated. That's a historical fact. I think the way CMx2 AFV crews behave is brilliant. I've had crews bail, back off, panic, freeze or do weird things; I've had them execute complex defensive manoeuvres all on their own, or keep their cool and return fire despite casualties and penetration. The AI is so varied and realistic, and psychologically plausible. You absolutely can't predict what a crew will do in combat - first class game development.
  2. I've found M10 hull down a pretty tough tank against a PzIV. And it can often survive a first hit.
  3. http://www.veoh.com/watch/v6255435qMH9GNC9 Around minute 35 it shows Americans testing a captured Panther. There's a shot where they run it over log rollers at fairly high speed - the smoothness of the suspension is visibly impressive - though you guys have probably all seen stuff like that 100 times...
  4. Funny. That happened to me one time - I thought I just forgot to hit Deploy, though I could've sworn I had. It must be a bug.
  5. I really like the concept of buddy aid. It would be cool if, in the AAR, as well as how many kills a unit has achieved, it gave information about which units/men had saved their wounded buddies - it's a big part of war stories. It would be especially cool if a little medal icon showed up next to units who saved their buddies under fire! Is it possible to give buddy aid to wounded enemy?
  6. That's a beautiful screen grab of the M10 making a dash for it. I wish I had the graphics capability on my old MacBook to play the game at its best graphics settings.
  7. The AI just got me out of a very tight spot. A tank crew hit, and rattled, not taking orders, brilliantly laid a good smoke screen of three smoke shells and manoeuvered behind it, all controlled by the AI. It looked pretty impressive.
  8. I thought you chose a good balanced, historically realistic force
  9. Haha, I second that. I'm a newbie on this forum, and they cracked me up
  10. I think suppressing fire makes a difference. Bill seems to use a lot of that.
  11. I'm playing a H2H scenario where I just spotted an ATG on the edge of a wood. It was pretty close to the edge, and I had scouts moving slowly within 150m for a while before they spotted it - just getting up close wasn't enough, they had to snoop around. I've also had a game where I had a 57mm (admittedly a smaller gun) in flimsy cover, with enemy troops also within a couple of hundred metres, but I kept them under a reasonable amount of suppressing fire and they never spotted it - caused my opponent a big surprise. It does seem the game is quite sophisticated with spotting, it's not instantaneous, and it seems to depend on a lot of factors.
  12. Real Life is difficult thing to simulate, and CM doesn't model every possibility (I'd like to see purchasable camouflage and a few variations on movement orders, like 'find hulldown', 'spread out' and more area fire/fire splitting commands), but with what it does model, I think it's very realistic.
  13. That's excellent news. I don't like Iron mode, because the FOW makes it a hassle to select friendly units, but it feels wrong to have so much in the info screen about enemy units.
  14. A Breakthrough scenario like that could be fun if you gave the attacker a very limited time to complete their mission - fast & furious and all the defender needs to do is hold on a little while...
  15. Can someone point at some cool maps in the repository. I had a good look, but there didn't seem to be that many.
  16. Haha I went to the dawn parade a couple of times in Melbourne (sorry, don't get up that early most years). Australians are a sentimental lot; it can be pretty moving.
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