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    zinzan reacted to domfluff in Patch downloads.   
    You'll have your default for .rar files set to Adobe Reader, which they can't open.

    You can change that to another program (I usually use 7zip), or reset it to the default.

    On Windows 10, search for "Default", and it'll bring up "Default App Settings". 

    Under "Default Apps", "Change Default Apps by File Type", you need to find .rar files on the left hand column and change this to something that can open them. 

    Alternatively, right click on the file and "open with" to open this with something other than the default.
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    zinzan reacted to MeatEtr in Do shared contact markers lead to faster spotting times?   
    Shhhhh... keep this on the DL... don't want my opponents to know! 😀
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    zinzan reacted to sburke in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    A goot job?   
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    zinzan reacted to IanL in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    Sigh. Fixed.
    See the patch has done nothing for @sburke's humour. 😉
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    zinzan reacted to MarkEzra in CMBN 4.0 Patch Has New QB Maps   
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    zinzan reacted to MarkEzra in CMBN 4.0 Patch Has New QB Maps   
    CMBN 4.0 Patch Has New QB Maps.  They are easily identified by "2019" in the Map name.  I took a good run at the bocage maps and personally enjoyed the game play with them.  There are a few maps devoted to the Rhone Valley of Southern France. So river crossing and Hills. 
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    zinzan reacted to sburke in Dare I ask   
    This may help in perspective.  
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    zinzan reacted to Sgt.Squarehead in Patches for the 4.0 Upgrades are now available   
    My US infantry just got shelled to death in place.....WooYay! 
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    zinzan reacted to sburke in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    not sure what foot job is, but I am certainly glad you chose to use that extremity in your expression..  Oh wait yeah I have heard of a foot job... gotta stop googling on the work PC.....
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    zinzan reacted to Sgt.Squarehead in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    Very, very good. 
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    zinzan reacted to Thewood1 in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    The Long Night is over
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    zinzan reacted to Frenchy56 in CMFI Rome to Victory Bones   
    These are GI's in M43's (late war then) walking next to a knocked out late Pz IV (either H or J) painted in a typical Italian theater camouflage pattern, in an Italian (probably Northern Italian) scenery. Pretty relevant imo.
    You can still see that the rifle pouches are misaligned with the belt texture on the M43, which is a problem on the paratrooper's M42's as well, to add up on that. The belt is too high and the pouches are too low.
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    zinzan reacted to IICptMillerII in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    Good to hear! Thanks for the new update Elvis! Nothing will ever stop the real detractors from complaining, but I can assure you the more level headed individuals really appreciate the updates. Hoping for the new patches to release "very" soon!
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    zinzan reacted to Sgt.Squarehead in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    'Very' is a nice word, I like it. 
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    zinzan reacted to RepsolCBR in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    Thanks, Elvis....for more frequent postings. 😎
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    zinzan reacted to domfluff in A tactical doctrine for dealing with HMGs?   
    A rifle squad should, in theory, be able to take down a single HMG. Obviously circumstances may make this more difficult.

    How it would work in theory:

    The squad is on patrol to whatever location when contact is made. You've been following correct movement procedures, so the squad is split into three sections, travelling in line. The forward elements are scouting, possibly as a literal two-man scout team, but equally perhaps just the 3/4 man team you get with a basic "Split Squad".

    This scout element will be moving from cover to cover (and possibly using Move, to allow them to sprint whenever they need to), so contact will either be made in cover, or on the way to cover. How this happens depends on how cautious you need to be, and how fast you need to be - trade-offs are speed and risk.

    The trailing elements have line of sight to this scout team (this is why Iron mode is useful) at all times - this determines your possible spacing, since you'll be closer in close terrain.

    MG fire rings out, and your scout team goes to ground (or dashes to cover). You'll be unlucky to lose anyone on the first burst, but obviously that's the risk you take. your scout team may not be in a position to see where the enemy is firing from, but your trailing teams are close enough that they have a good chance to do so.

    Priority number one is to go to ground, move into nearby cover (very nearby - you don't want to be moving a lot here), and returning fire. Your goal in the first minute or so is to work out what just happened - what's firing at you, where they are, and how many of them are there. The second goal in this time is for the squad leader to start calling down indirect fire from any platoon assets available - this mission can be cancelled, but if the firefight goes long then you'll need the extra firepower.

    Situation now is that you have a cowering and possibly injured scout team, and two trail elements in covered positions, firing at the source of the incoming fire.

    You now need to work out if you need to break contact. If you are overmatched in firepower, and the HMG is in a well sited position, covering open ground, then you're screwed (and you've probably made a mistake to get into that situation) - your priority then is to withdraw. You use smoke grenades and possibly call on any platoon mortars to provide some cover as you extricate yourself from a bad situation.

    If not, then you have to determine whether you can manoeuvre onto the target. If there's a covered route towards the target, then you can plan for an assault.

    The rest of the squad divides itself into a base of fire and an assault element. The base of fire will contain the squad automatic weapons and rifle grenades, and the assault element will contain any SMG and most of the grenades. Splitting by "Assault team" can do this, but the basic "Split Squads" command will do a good enough job here.

    The base of fire Targets the enemy contact marker by area fire - this allows them to open up and they will pour as much fire as they can onto the target. The lead element will also target the enemy, and should recover from their suppression fairly quickly, assuming they're still in contact with their friends. 

    If this element or two can suppress the enemy - i.e., the fire is mostly going one way - then the assault element can move along the covered route and attack the target (move to within 30m, hunt in the last few spots, throw grenades speculatively or at known targets). Smoke grenades (or smoke mortar rounds) may help the move onto the target, since you're unlikely to have a perfectly covered approach all the way in.

    If this element cannot suppress the enemy, then the whole squad sits in their covered positions and fires. It's then the responsibility of the Platoon leader to engage the target with another squad or two to try to remove the threat.
    So the whole thing is a series of escalating if-then decisions, where you're preparing to minimise the risk and you're engaging with the smallest amount of force that you can afford. You're trying to manage the engagement the whole time, and stay in control.
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    zinzan reacted to ncc1701e in New DAR: ncc1701e vs JoMc67   
    Thanks guys! 🙂
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    zinzan reacted to IanL in New DAR: ncc1701e vs JoMc67   
    You won - take the victory. Down play the casualties talk up your bravery and brilliant tactical decision to the upper brass.  That's how you get ahead!

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    zinzan reacted to AlexUK in New DAR: ncc1701e vs JoMc67   
    I've really enjoyed it, it was interesting to read about your thought process behind your orders. Well done on the victory!
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    zinzan reacted to ncc1701e in New DAR: ncc1701e vs JoMc67   
    MINUTE 29
    My Sherman is back online.

    While my halftrack is progressing. But, I have made a mistake asking for a Fast move instead of a Reverse one for having the guns toward the last objective.

    My tank arrives in position.

    On my left flank, Germans are counter attacking.

    But, my halftrack once again saves the day.

    Before been able to give my orders for next turn, the victory screen appears. Not really a victory... 30 men killed and 20 men wounded mainly due to artillery like in reality.

    Here are the various stats:

    The last objective would have been hard to obtain but I think my halftrack and my Sherman would have help me a lot.

    The final word for @JoMc67. Hope you enjoy this DAR. Next one I hope soon except if you are bored. 🙂
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    zinzan reacted to Bud Backer in My Return to Combat Mission!   
    Welcome back!
    I bought CMBN in 2012 when it was the only CM game using the new engine (CMBB is the old engine), never having played the old games. It was a harsh learning curve and I was a terrible opponent to any human player. When CMFI came out I vowed not to bother with it, it was just the same thing as what I already had with slightly different  maps and Italian forces which didn’t interest me. Boy was I wrong... I’ve ended up buying every one of the games over the years and still am amazed at how good each one is, and now each one offers something unique from the others. 
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    zinzan reacted to Warts 'n' all in My Return to Combat Mission!   
    I gave up gaming for three years after my old dad died. The Big Bundle was my first purchase, and I got addicted straight away. May you continue to enjoy your return.
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    zinzan reacted to 3156Regt in My Return to Combat Mission!   
    In the early 2000's, knowing nothing about it, I picked up a boxed retail copy of "Barbarossa to Berlin" and ended up spending untold hours battling back and forth across the plains of the Eastern Front. WEGO had me hooked! I toyed around with the original "Shock Force" because it was very familiar to my actual military service, but I'm really a WW2 buff at heart.. I got away from the game as I upgraded computers over the years. A few years ago I started noticing that Combat Mission was out again and with a new engine, but for no particular reason, I never pursued it... until now. Well - a few days ago I bit the bullet and bought the latest build of "Battle for Normandy". Just - wow. After a bitter fight through the hedgerows, my beleaguered US squads finally knocked out the dug-in PaK 40 that had been holding my four Shermans at bay, allowing them to commit to a high-speed "cavalry charge" in-line across the now-secured field in the last three minutes of the game, to form a semi-circle at the objective crossroads all the while gunning down the remaining German infantry as they broke and fled in abject terror! It was rather glorious!

    That was only my first mission, and I'm already eyeing the additional content - specifically Russia and Italy... Thanks Battlefront guys - I have returned!
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    zinzan reacted to usgubgub in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    Thanks for the good wishes. I think I am 75% there. Another year maybe...
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    zinzan reacted to usgubgub in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    I am a stalwart supporter of BFC, been playing the games for longer than I can remember. I made a modest contribution to the development of CMFI some years ago.
    Yes, waiting for the patch has been unusually testing, but this game system has so many facets that even though I played less I still had a lot of fun making maps and designing scenarios, not to mention fun testing them.
    These guys are a small team of extremely dedicated enthusiasts. They give 100%. I still haven't found anything remotely approaching their product for the kind of game play I appreciate. I have total confidence in their judgment and integrity. And I don't begrudge them for one minute the long gestation of this patch, or the confusion over exactly when it will be released.
    Thank you Steve, thank you Charles, thank you everyone else who put their time and effort in bringing these games to us.
    I've gone through a rough patch that has lasted nearly ten years so far. If and when I get back on my feet, I will be glad to lend a hand again. I hope it will be soon (can't give a precise date though... sorry, I couldn't resist that :-) ). In the mean time, I don't mind saying that playing your games has often been the only source of fun and relaxation for me, and a good way to avoid going mad during the long spells when real life got held up in limbo.
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