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My Return to Combat Mission!

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In the early 2000's, knowing nothing about it, I picked up a boxed retail copy of "Barbarossa to Berlin" and ended up spending untold hours battling back and forth across the plains of the Eastern Front. WEGO had me hooked! I toyed around with the original "Shock Force" because it was very familiar to my actual military service, but I'm really a WW2 buff at heart.. I got away from the game as I upgraded computers over the years. A few years ago I started noticing that Combat Mission was out again and with a new engine, but for no particular reason, I never pursued it... until now. Well - a few days ago I bit the bullet and bought the latest build of "Battle for Normandy". Just - wow. After a bitter fight through the hedgerows, my beleaguered US squads finally knocked out the dug-in PaK 40 that had been holding my four Shermans at bay, allowing them to commit to a high-speed "cavalry charge" in-line across the now-secured field in the last three minutes of the game, to form a semi-circle at the objective crossroads all the while gunning down the remaining German infantry as they broke and fled in abject terror! It was rather glorious!

That was only my first mission, and I'm already eyeing the additional content - specifically Russia and Italy... Thanks Battlefront guys - I have returned!

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congratulations!  I had a similar story when I came back to CM after many years 😊   May all your battles be merry and your casualties vanishingly low.  Italy and Russia games are both great, and so very different from what you face in Normandy.

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Welcome back!

I bought CMBN in 2012 when it was the only CM game using the new engine (CMBB is the old engine), never having played the old games. It was a harsh learning curve and I was a terrible opponent to any human player. When CMFI came out I vowed not to bother with it, it was just the same thing as what I already had with slightly different  maps and Italian forces which didn’t interest me. Boy was I wrong... I’ve ended up buying every one of the games over the years and still am amazed at how good each one is, and now each one offers something unique from the others. 

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