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  1. Hi, I would like to post my first scenario on the depot, I put through a request to become an author two weeks ago but had no answer. Is it mandatory or can I post regardless? If it is mandatory, how can I apply to become an author? The link on the website doesn't seem to lead anywhere.
  2. I have noticed this, too. It has confused me. Makes "hunt" next to useless, even in woods.
  3. I am sorry to hear of Wild Bill's passing away. I remember him fondly.
  4. My biggest bugbear is infantry behavior under fire, especially in bocage terrain. The hunt movement used to work so that if a hunting unit was fired on, it immediately dropped to the ground as long as it had a hide order. Now, they run in stupid directions (as in away from good cover and straight into enemy fire). They do this regardless of the troop quality. Equally, when units are positioned behind bocage and move out of the bocage straight towards the enemy when fired on. If they are behind bocage, it would be better if they crawled away from it while keeping the bocage between them and the enemy, or crawled along the bocage, instead of making for the nearest gap at the trot and running through it right into the enemy fire.
  5. I have remarked this strange behavior by infantry when fighting in built up areas: for some reason they will only use the "front entrance" to get into a building. A section will be positioned at the rear of the building, and ordered to enter it from that side. It may be a few action points away. It will have one or two way-points before the last one right by the building's rear entrance. It will move through those way-points, then, instead of entering the building as ordered, it will go around the whole block, frequently moving into obvious enemy kill zones, while attempting to reach the front of the building to fulfill their last movement order. Is this a bug, and has anyone else noticed it? It drives me nuts.
  6. I have been wanting to ask this question for ages: why are leader sub-machine guns never picked up with buddy aid? Light machine guns are always picked up. I would have thought SMGs would be equally valuable.
  7. It is for CMBN. CMBN still uses the Z folder.
  8. I am having a problem with the 12th SS mod by Jaquinot. In this mod some .bmp files are tagged [camo-peas]. When I load the mod into the Z folder, the tagged .bmps are used whether the scenario has the tag camo-peas or not. Should they not appear only when the scenario is showing the tag?
  9. Is this the new thread to check about CMRTV release date?
  10. Thank you very much for the tips. Bear in mind the scenario is raw. I have yet to develop the victory conditions, those included are tentative. You have given me some good ideas and I will experiment with them before my next play-through.
  11. My scenario is not uploaded anywhere yet, it is very rough and all the presentational elements are in a mess. I have worked on about 15 scenarios across CMBN and CMFI on and off for the past ten or so years. Most of them are crap, but I do enjoy developing them. This one approaches reasonable quality. It is the latest and many lessons learned developing the earlier ones have been put into practice here. It could do with playtesting by someone not involved in the production. It is a head to head (I don't have the editing skills to produce good AI plans). I attach it below for what it's worth. If anyone is interested in trying it out, let me know and I'll give you some background. Incidentally, most of the time I get around that bug by giving units halt orders. That seems to nail them in place. It's annoying each time the situation changes and I give them orders to move, forgetting to remove the halt order. 0 [FM] Le Haut de Audrieu.btt
  12. I am developing a scenario for CMBN and playing it to test it. I have now frequently observed situations where troops in cover behind a hedgerow come under machine gun or artillery fire and react by moving out of cover towards the enemy firing on them. This is pretty stupid behaviour. I have checked the Allied Friendly direction in the editor and it is W for the Allies and E for the SS. The Brits are withdrawing in an Easterly direction to the front of their cover, the SS are withdrawing in a westerly direction, also to the front of their cover. Am I setting the friendly directions wrong? I am setting them as the direction towards which units should withdraw, is it supposed to represent the direction towards which they are attacking? Has anyone else experienced something similar?
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