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  1. @Chops CMSF 2's original release isn't a patch so I doubt there's going to be anything that says what has been fixed. Information on the CMSF2 v2.01 patch was posted by Steve on the CMSF 2 patch thread ...
  2. Combatintman

    New Scenario - Assault on Port Cros

    @MOS:96B2P thanks for the feedback - your experience by the sounds of it pretty much replicates the bloodbath turn I had in the test I was talking about. The Falklands - now you mention it, there is a slight Port Stanley feel to it but there is not a wind strength setting in the editor strong enough to do the place justice. I think most of the time I was there the wind strength was 20-25 kts minimum. I remember walking back from work to what we called the Death Star which was where all of the accommodation, messes and bars were. A distance of about 400m and by the time I entered the Death Star my face felt as if I'd suffered a stroke in that one side of it (the side facing the wind) was completely numb. I take my hat off to anybody who fought there, it is a fight just to exist, let alone actually engage in combat.
  3. Combatintman

    New Scenario - Assault on Port Cros

    Thanks mate - interested to know which was the trickiest of the assaults from your perspective. Apologies for the AI surrender by the way but in this instance I just didn't see it as credible having a unit fight to the death on an isolated island using the 'reinforcements that never arrive' trick. It looks like you paid a fairly high price casualty-wise which certainly happened to me in one of my tests - I went from having lost only a couple of guys in one turn to being on the wrong end of a bloodbath the next! Glad you enjoyed it anyway.
  4. Combatintman

    Campaign idea

    Set your desired building that is not to be attacked as Preserve objective but you are right, you can never legislate for what players will do in a scenario. People of course do rebuild but if some comedian flattens a Preserve objective compound, it is probably unrealistic to expect that it would be rebuilt in the timeframe of your campaign.
  5. Combatintman

    Panic! Battle Fatigue in WWII

    This ignores the fact that the crew doesn't stop everything to rerun the strike footage. There are small matters of making sure the airframe is in the right airspace, that the sensor is covering the tasked NAIs and TAIs, comms are maintained with the supported callsign and the airspace controller, that they have situational awareness of the common operational picture as well as steering the airframe. Sure they will probably see the footage again in the mission debrief once the mission is over but to imply that they are routinely going to rerun 'kill TV' is disingenuous.
  6. Combatintman

    Campaign idea

    Back to the persistent damage and infantry only points … I disagree mainly because infantry only fights in Afghanistan for the most part operate in an environment where offensive support of some form or another (air, aviation, mortars, rockets and conventional artillery) is on tap. Generally the CONOP won't get signed off unless this kind of support is in place so it would be unrealistic in the majority of cases for any unit to step outside the wire without the capability to whistle that kind of support up when required. Inevitably, and I made a mission depicting such a circumstance, there were some well-known occasions when the offensive support either wasn't properly teed up, arrived late or the coordinating HQ misread the reporting that was coming from the ground leading to non-arrival or confusion. However, for this to happen to the unit in the proposed campaign every time it steps outside the wire is stretching credulity to the limit and therefore killing immersion. There are of course techniques that can be applied relating to realistic concerns about collateral damage and the policy of courageous restraint implemented towards the back end of the NATO involvement but ultimately that firepower is still going to be on call and will be used where ROE permits which means that buildings and compounds are going to get dropped. All of this ignores dynamic compound entry using breaching charges which is another thing that is going to create persistent map damage. A perfectly viable way to nail this campaign is to have the unit newly arrived in its newly established FOB and then have a series of missions where it extends its security bubble. In the schematic below, there are nine separate maps which would be say anything between 1km x 1km and 2km x 2km. Mission 1 sees the unit securing its FOB properly and then the remainder are extending that bubble by patrolling or knocking over the insurgents in the villages (or outside them if you prefer) in each box. Each mission doesn't have to be of this type and could involve things like a hard knock on an identified insurgent commander's compound or maybe doing route clearance and security for a resupply convoy coming up a route leading to the FOB or whatever else takes your fancy. The bottom line though is that you get realism without bumping up against the persistent map damage issue, which certainly for me is an absolute immersion killer.
  7. The Scenario Depot lists uploads there by game title which allows you to download by game title. Your dream is within reach.
  8. Combatintman

    Fradulent Credit Card Transactions

    Agreed all, too right mate. Barbarossa not released yet then I assume?😏
  9. You also don't need them to knock up briefing maps and images. I do all of my stuff in Powerpoint and Paint.
  10. Looks like we've got ourselves the basis of a plan, especially if we get an updated Africa Mod from MikeyD. The biggest block I'm facing is that 90% of my books are in storage right now. Alex Binda's Rhodesian Light Infantry and Rhodesian African Rifles books (especially the latter) have some good stuff to use as the basis for scenario creation. I got his book on the Grey's Scouts (The Equus Men) for Xmas but I doubt we'll see horses in CM anytime soon!
  11. Nice work mate, doing the Rhodies first then? Might have to switch fire from Cassinga to the Mudzi Raid http://rhodesianafricanrifles.co.uk/counter-punching-on-the-mudzi/ It can be found on Google Earth (image below as it appears today) here: 17° 0'25.08"S 33° 3'32.83"E
  12. Combatintman

    Company Leader Site

    Just reading the solution to 'Tactical Passage at Wilcox' mate …
  13. Combatintman

    Company Leader Site

    I think I was but thanks for reminding me - I've book marked it this time. Some well-developed scenario ideas there as well, unlike some of the 'helpful' suggestions from the editor-shy that crop up on the forum from time to time. I quite fancy this one ... http://companyleader.themilitaryleader.com/2019/01/01/tdg_19-01/ Although it would naturally be a CMSF scenario rather than CMBS.
  14. Combatintman


    Well finish 'em off mate - I'm happy to provide advice or a once over and help you to polish them up. I appreciate it is daunting putting something out because you are subjecting it to external scrutiny. The upside of it though is that for every critic you'll generally get half a dozen people who'll love your work. I've been there myself in terms of wondering whether to upload or not and there are a couple of things that I've done or attempted to do but thought - no this isn't good enough. That said, looking back on some of my early releases, I shudder at what I did there. At the time I released them though, I thought that they were good enough and, importantly most people loved what I'd done. If you've spent the time and effort to get something to 80%, the 20% will really pay dividends both to you as a sense of achievement and for all of us who download and play your scenario.
  15. Combatintman

    Campaign idea

    Yes it would make a good campaign if you execute it well. Your issue with the map is that CM doesn't do persistent map damage. That means that your 2x2 map, in campaign terms is not very big at all. Happy to exchange PMs with you to discuss some of the details and get you started if you want.