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  1. A miserable damn performance indeed ... Man down … call Dustoff We gotta get outa this place ...
  2. I wouldn't overthink it too much - QBs are essentially 'capture the flag' battles. As at least one human will be a player in any QB, the human will always look to win the encounter and will therefore go after the objectives that give them the most points. The highest VP terrain objective should therefore be the one that you feel is the most important on that map. I also wouldn't worry about the casualty percentage of VPs because of this. The human will commit resources to capture the high VP objective and lose a proportion of them in the process. If it is an H2H encounter, one of the players will at some point decide that they can't win and throw in the towel while the AI will auto surrender once it sustains too many casualties (I think the threshold is about 60% casualties sustained but can't remember).
  3. Guess again mate - there are heaps of threads on this in the SF-2 board. Bottom line is that you should be able to upgrade at the discounted rate even though yours is the Paradox version. Open up a ticket with the helpdesk and provide them as much info as you can about the version of SF1 that you own.
  4. Progress on Ap Bac ... Scenario Image: Strategic Map: Topo Map compared to CM screenshot: Working title for the scenario is 'A miserable damn performance', which was Lieutenant Colonel John Paul Vann's (7 ARVN Division US advisor) judgement on the battle. Overall the scenario is a whopper, two and half hours long, the map is 2000m x 3008m (I've basically half-scaled the map dimensions to fit it all in); however, I've worked hard to get the troop numbers pretty close to the actual thing.
  5. Another good segment - I liked the Stug engagement which was well-composed. Some gutsy moves with the half-tracks - I never seem to get off so lightly!
  6. CMFB doesn't have much user-made content for sure but the campaigns and scenarios that come bundled with the game in my opinion are superb.
  7. I enjoyed it - about the right length - no long bits where the player is plotting endless moves and me wanting to rotate the screen to see what is going on etc. Good and succinct description of what was going on and some good action shots. Have a like mate.
  8. I check my colleague's Iraq reporting every day so yes I'm pretty tuned in to what is going on there, along with events here in Afghanistan, Mozambique, Yemen and this week, the Sudan.
  9. I usually find that wherever my troops stop for a couple of minutes explosions seem to find them … have you tried that? 😁
  10. That's nothing … I've painted my Mother-in-Law's front room, the wife and my bedroom, the big spare bedroom, small spare bedroom, the front room, the downstairs hall, the utility room, the downstairs khazi, the kitchen, the fitted shelves for two wardrobes, a garden shed and a heap of bookshelves this year alone.
  11. I spent ages making that map and you destroy it in less than four minutes you hooligan 😉
  12. I seem to recall that both of my scenarios had reasonable reviews for H2H balance. To Verdenne and Victory is a battalion (ish) on each side and a big map or if you want something Coy-sized try Probing around Poteau.
  13. They've probably stopped for a brew 😉
  14. And finally from the extraction LZ at Son Tay 40 minutes after Callsign Blueboy's deliberate crash landing into the compound … Not even close to @Bud Backer's comic artistry I know, but I hope you like it.
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