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  1. Correct although detentions were few and far between - not for the want of trying though.
  2. That was a problem in CMSF after one of the later patches - your map wasn't originally created in CMSF and ported across to CMSF2 by any chance?
  3. At some point I will have a good sit down and think about platforms and conversions - I have a pretty good idea of the kit list for sure but less of an idea on the most suitable platforms for a skilled modder to convert using all that new-fangled super clever blender jiggery pokery.
  4. I knew you were tinkering with something like this as well - I would be really interested in the details - happy to hear over PM if you don't want to make your detailed plans public - oh and a well-deserved like obviously.
  5. Yeah but there's the body armour and helmet thing to deal with - I know they can be visually removed but it would unfairly burden them compared to the real world and also make them a lot better protected than they were. Anyway - I'm not a modder and it will also take somebody like @37mmto pull the thing together I think, particularly if we want Unimogs, Alouette III G Cars, Alouette III K Cars, Hawker Hunters and Lynxes etc.
  6. No worries - user made content is another matter of course, I intent to update all of my CMSF scenarios but never seem to have the time. I have updated this one though: https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-shock-force-2-2/cm-shock-force-2-scenarios/op-barras-cmsf-2/ And then if you grab @mjkerner's recently completed awesome looking mod you'll be good to go ...
  7. All module Units, stock scenarios and all of the campaigns, less the British campaign are all updated.
  8. And the MG of choice was the good old FN MAG which is in CMSF already. If Bushwars stretches to the Portuguese there's the MG3 … which is in CMSF already. The issue with Rhodies is likely to be finding four-man 'sticks' with three rifles and an MG although I am sure it can be done using individual teams and a lot of unit pick jiggery pokery in the editor. I for one am determined to see it work.
  9. I'm looking forward to the Rhodesians you were working on - a lot of the Heaven and Earth terrain stuff is suitable for African scenarios.
  10. I will update that scenario for CMSF2 by putting real water tiles down and a proper bridge in lieu of the CMSF1 workaround at some point … and maybe some other trickery - then again - reference other trickery, if it ain't broke, don't fix it ….
  11. But the church tower is intact … not sure that was the best picture to make your point. 😉
  12. My Afghan winter mod arrived as promised ...
  13. This is more powerful than you think - totally bottom out the leadership, training, motivation and fitness values and you end up with a force that is almost impossible to employ effectively.
  14. I get my Afghan winter mod on Wednesday ...
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