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  1. @Bearstronaut - nope. The HQ is a couple of wagons with a Commanding Officer team and an XO team.
  2. @Bigsocrates - there is a folder called (helpfully) Campaigns - bung it in there mate. The filepath goes something like this: C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Battlefront\Combat Mission\Shock Force 2\Game Files\Campaigns Then launch CMSF and you should see it when you go to campaigns.
  3. A Friendly Casualties parameter for the Allied side would fix this - set it to a percentage of casualties that testing reveals as the average number of casualties for about the half way point in the battle with a points value of 1,000. This forces the player to commit and see the engagement through while ensuring that the Allied side loses the initial advantage as time draws on and the casualties mount up. I use casualty parameters in this way frequently.
  4. No easy answer to this question - what's the mission, ground and enemy for starters? If there's a heap of air defence then it will come with a SEAD package which, depending on the depth of the insert will either be air, rocket or tube artillery or a mix of all three. If it's just going to insert a force to knock over some insurgents in a village then you don't need to bring as much to the party. The size of the AO will be little or no different to a normal light infantry AO but will again depend on the mission, ground and enemy as starters. The force pick is easy and what @Ithikial_AU said will get you the closest to an air assault formation although I'd always take my Javs - they fit easily into a CH-47 and I'd certainly take my 81mm mortars if I didn't have air racked and stacked above and/or guns in support.
  5. I'd give it a miss to be honest - he got banned for a reason …
  6. From the trailer - there aren't enough para helmets and the boots are wrong ...
  7. Like Najibullah, it depends on the money methinks. It had better not implode or things will be a tad cheeky for me next year.
  8. Sadly she retired on May 22 - I always looked out for what she had to say for my reporting. IMHO she knew her stuff and unfortunately for Afghanistan got side lined by that twit 'zero for two' Khalilzad.
  9. No worries - I stumbled across it because I was having the same issues with point balance so that the human player could achieve a Total Victory. Having a massive Friendly Bonus for the AI meant allocating massive VPs for the human player objectives it was a bit like calling in artillery 'add 100' etc. Even then, because of the high human objective scores testing would reveal that I could not balance the points to give what I had deemed a 'fair result' either midway through or at the end of the scenario. Then I hit on the AI Friendly Bonus thing and it made the whole process a lot easier. Also, in case you aren't aware @Ithikial_AU has made a VP Calculator spreadsheet which is awesome - you just plug the numbers in and it works out all of your VPs. I can't find a link to it at present but it is well worth the download.
  10. Helmets are definitely too dark - the covers tend to fade more than the uniform as well because they get the most attention from the sun and rain so I would go one shade lighter than whatever you end up going with on the uniform - unless it ends up looking totally weird of course. I think the uniforms are just a shade too dark but they probably look right at distance but to be fair they're close enough if you don't want to muck about with them anymore.
  11. @puje a Friendly Casualty parameter for the AI force might have helped you here - say you set it at 50% it means that the AI side gets the points if the player ceasefires at start or without inflicting 50% casualties. It is more flexible than the Friendly Bonus trick. Obviously setting your percentage threshold requires a few tests but I often use it in conjunction with the Friendly Bonus to give the AI force a points score at the start which automatically results in a player loss if a turn one ceasefire is selected. Clearly if the human player plays the scenario through then they will reach a point (in this instance 50%) where they have killed the required number of enemy and the AI force no longer gets the VPs for the Friendly Casualty parameter.
  12. While a TRP speeds things up, soft factors come into play as well such as observer experience and firing unit experience. Otherwise a lot will depend on whether your opponent is AI or human controlled and the distance between the direct fire engagement area and your indirect fire engagement area. Ideally they should be one and the same because that enables you to concentrate the effects of your firepower. In planning terms you would have a Decision Point (DP) that would trigger those fires so that when the enemy met the DP conditions you know to execute the fire order (or whatever other action you planned to take) which would ensure that the rounds landed in the engagement area or Target Area of Interest (TAI).
  13. Ask how that went for R2V - or put another way, the TO&E is not a little touch-up.
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