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  1. Same here - it is as easy as that - another reason I like Paint.
  2. My honey do lists are being done by my wife who is rattling around the house going out of her mind. Meanwhile in Afghanistan … 😏
  3. No worries - always happy to help budding scenario makers.
  4. Yes there is one - just click the folder where your game is installed - the image below is my CMFB install, the tutorial is the first item underneath the mod tools folder: As to briefings and graphics - it really is a matter of taste. I knock up all of my briefing images in Powerpoint, screen grab them and resize them in simple old Paint - I know lots of people use photoshop and very fancy drawing programs for their briefing graphics but I haven't got the time, energy or inclination to buy these programs and learn them. You are free to disagree with me but my nuts and bolts Powerpoint/Paint approach produces results that I'm satisfied with and having released countless missions across four of the game's titles I've yet to have anyone say that the graphics were cr@p. To illustrate the point, here are some examples for a mission based on the Battle of Ap Bac during the Vietnam War (hence the black and white imagery and 1960's font on parts of the images) that I will eventually finish for @37mm's awesome Heaven and Earth mod for CMSF2: The above is the tactical map. The above is the operational map (technically it isn't operational - but that is the image slot it has to fit into). If you want my take on scenario design (including briefings and images), I did a tutorial on it here: Note that this was for CMSF 1 so there are no tips on triggers or any of the new tools that came in with later versions of the engine (the same is true with the scenario design tutorial that bundles with the game) however the mechanics of about 80% of the current editor are the same as those for CMSF 1.
  5. Mission making as a whole or just briefings? Have you read the scenario tutorial that bundles with all of the games?
  6. Looks like the officer had the map … 😏
  7. Your comics were 10 cents last year …. I hope you're not profiteering … 😏
  8. Fixed that for you mate … stuck in Kabul until not sure when (middle of April or end of May on current planning figures) 😲
  9. Could do with some errr … weathering 😏
  10. Soft factors are coded into the scenario or campaign by the designer or if in QB, picked by the player. Therefore a Bundeswehr unit picked as Elite will behave in exactly the same way as a US (or any other force on either the Blue or Red side) unit picked as Elite. This is the same for all CMx2 games.
  11. Any eligible AI unit that can call for fire can be used by the AI. Therefore if there are UAVs in the AI force mix, they can be employed by the AI for that purpose.
  12. The AI only has access to indirect fire assets that have been picked either by the scenario/campaign designer.
  13. Unlikely as the TO&E changes with dates - if a piece of kit or organisation was introduced in say December 1944, then it will be made available at that date in the editor. Previous organisations and equipment remain available as long as they continued to be fielded in significant numbers. It is one of the many things that makes these titles so realistic and also probably why the release of titles slips beyond their planned release dates.
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