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  1. The 24-bit format was the problem and your fix above did the trick. I am not the most computer savvy fellow around and I was still able to figure it out with the above instructions so, I am much obliged to you, sir. Now we are on to the bigger problem of me being bollocks at this editor!
  2. I used the first result that popped up on Google when I typed in "convert jpg to bmp".
  3. Just a picture of the 'Z' folder opened up to show the Special Editor Overlay file? If so, I'll do that as soon as I get back from running some errands. If this turns out to be the problem how do I fix it? It might be huge, I'll have to check out the numbers later when I have more time but it is going to be a 2000x1500m map, so yeah, probably pretty big, eh?
  4. I have just decided to start delving into map creation and scenario design but I have already hit a roadblock. I snipped my Google Earth photo, converted the jpg into a bmp file, named it "Special Editor Overlay" and stuck it in my "Z" folder. When I enter the editor I see only the CM map, so I press "o" and it simply makes my virtual map look darker until it goes black then it cycles back to its original state. What did I do wrong and if I didn't screw up, why can't I see my map overlay? Help will be much appreciated!
  5. I've got to upgrade my graphics card something serious before I try IL-2:BoS since my PC struggles with the modded version of the original IL-2. I will be purchasing Steel Fury and Steel Armor today, however. They both look to be damned good and I'm very surprised that I haven't ever heard of them given the amount of sims I play.
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