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GameSpot gives CMBN 9/10

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I'm not seeing a review or a score from Gamespot? There's one critic score of 9.0 which appears to be from NZGamer.

Er - yes... I just realised that too. But at least it is ON GameSpot now.

BTW - one of those player reviews is pretty harsh (1/10!)

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Bl00dy hell! They don't half like those screenshots I took for the title. Every one a Montebourg ;)

I see MD finally got round to posting a review. 5 out of 10! That's a great score from him especially seeing as how the negatives in his review are just niggles for me, animations, breaching bocage with tanks, no random map-maker, scenario editor is too complicated, etc. Obviously, they're a really big deal for him otherwise he wouldn't have focussed so much on them in his review. That's probably the highest score he's given to any BFC release since CMAK. He must have liked it in spite of the niggles :D

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Michael Dorosh's review. I actually agree on many of his opinions, but overall I'd give much higher score.

Indeed we need more of everything. :) Gliders would be cool or even some parachutes. But giving BF's limited resources this is understanding. Maybe after year or two and few expansions we're closer to perfect this game.

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I also agree with a lot of what Mike Dorosh says in his review, although I would rate the game higher as well.

It looks as if we will have to wait until all of the three planned modules are out (18 -24 months?) before we can have US fighting converted French tanks and German paratroops in the early part of the Normandy campaign.

Having said that it does look that the planned patch will take care - hopefully - of some of the issues and the modules will reinforce much of the 'missing' content.

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