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  1. I'll sleep on it and see what I decide to do tomorrow. My intention wasn't to rake up issues that have probably already been talked to death. I haven't been keeping an eye on Combat Mission games and Battlefront for a while. I completely understand software companies having to charge money for significant updates. The way the pricing changes over the life of the titles does seem rather unfair on their most loyal customers who end up paying a considerable amount more money, often up front, than other customers. At least, at the moment, we aren't heading down the subscription route As a custom
  2. I don't even see an option to pay for 2.0 anywhere anyway. I've submitted a ticket. I may end up just going for Red Thunder and missing out on CMBN. I wouldn't be happy paying an additional $10 or $20 for a patch or patches to make a game I paid $135 for (base plus first expansion) work. I understand a company charging for DLC type additions to game content, but there really should still be a patch solution for Windows 10 users who don't want to pay for the upgrades. If the $10 3.0 upgrade is mandatory for Windows 10 users it should be spelled out on the product pages and/or user download area
  3. I've not kept up to date with Combat Mission for a while. I recently had a look at the Red Thunder and Black Sea demos and this whetted my appetite to reinstall CMBN. I can't get the game to launch. I tried it straight from the initial install and got a dialogue saying "UI not found. Please check that you have the proper UI resource files. The application will be terminated." Updating it to 1.11 gave the same result. I also installed the Commonwealth pack. I notice that there are many, many threads with people having had this same issue, but there never seems to be a resolution posted. I ca
  4. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=0bd_1249524865 Scot's troops still enjoy having a bayonet
  5. I think I *might* be part of the silent majority. I know CMBN is a great game. I owned and played all the CMx1 games. CMBN is by far the best... however I can see people's problems with stuff like tanks firing on the move. When less and less stuff is being abstracted it just seems weird. Allowing tanks to stop and fire on enemy armour, but to continue moving if a single driver from a destroyed jeep shows up seems reasonable.
  6. In a quick battle tonight (infantry only) I watched the AI push it's entire force down one side of the map, through hedgerows under HMG fire, followed by HMG fire + Mortars, followed by HMG + Mortars + Rockets.... they just kept coming.... there was no Plan B.
  7. I'm sure someone will be along with some exact facts and figures. If the target is in the direct LOS of the IG then it will have no problem. If they are close and terrain blocks their LOS then they won't be able to elevate high enough to drop rounds on them.
  8. Are you trying to do inderect fire with the infantry gun(s). They aren't mortars. They have a minimum as well as a maximum range. The target may well be too close to them and they can't elevate high enough to target that area.
  9. As long as the vehicle isn't destroyed then you can get the crew back into it (once their state allows you to give them orders again). I had a game recently where 2 halftracks got shot up in an awkward place (they were blocking a road). The enemy nearby had been dealt with, but the remaining crew of the 2 halftracks looked as though they would be shaken and out of control for too long. I dismounted some crew from another 2 safe and unharmed HTs and had them jog over and move the damaged ones out the way. I'm not sure this would work with tanks however.
  10. I am fluent in English and a Combat Mission player since CMBO... but I don't know what this word means. Oh.... I've watched Band of Brothers about four or five times
  11. Embedded viewer? Mine opens up in Acrobat. The PDF dimensions are: 4.5 inch x 7 inch per page (or as I like to call it, not being American, 114.3mm x 177.8mm)
  12. I've tried everything practical in that list. Just to re-state the problem again though. I am only having these weird performance problems with one single PBEM game file. All other scenarios, quick battles, campaign battles are absolutely fine.
  13. I'd rather wait a while and see the Commonwealth/SS module done well, than have it sooner. Battlefront, in all the time I have know their games (CMBO) have always engaged really well with their customers. When I think of other games I play or have played, I just can't imagine the developers actually lowering themselves to debate with their fans or customers. The Beta Testers also did and do a great job. I've beta tested for non-gaming stuff (Corel Painter 12) and I think it's refreshing that Battlefront allow their testers to talk about and reveal so much of the process.... with most softwa
  14. Yes. The problem (seemingly with just this one PBEM game) started pre-patch. As I was in an orders giving phase (deployment) I thought I'd be OK to patch. The results after the patch were exactly the same. The video posted was captured post-patch. In everything apart from this one game CMBN performs brilliantly. I did have the Out of Memory bug in one campaign scenario, but I knew the workaround (save, quit and reload before the game reaches a certain memory limit).
  15. Has no-one got any observations on this at all? I can't believe it's just me.
  16. Here's a quick Youtube video which show the performance (or lack of it). It's just over 4 minutes long. I might go an add annotations to it shortly, but below are some notes on what you can see in it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFXUuJrYajw 1) Straight away as soon as the Designer's Notes were displayed I was getting lag for want of a better word. When I moused over the 'OK' button it took some time for that button to brighten. 2) From the moment the game was displayed up until 1:25 I made no mouse or keyboard inputs at all. You can see there's all sort of weirdness going on. Trees
  17. I love it, warts and all. I'm sure everybody will have a list of things they'd like to see added, changed or fixed. I know of no other game developer that engages as directly with their players. People have been discussing real-time versus WEGO. I'm 100% WEGO. I enjoy being able to replay the minute of action several times - from different angles, from the viewpoint of different units. I'd hate to miss seeing all the cool things that happen. If I were forced to use real-time then I'd be forced to set my camera view so high most of the time (when not paused) for situational awareness, that I
  18. Cheers Phil. It'll be on its way shortly. Meanwhile I'll try looking at the other suggestions like antivirus, etc.
  19. My mistake Why the hell did I put Win95. It's XP. I was using the Resource Monitor that comes with Win7... and yes, only after the problem.
  20. I tried getting my opponent to redo and resend the email file, just in case it was something to do with that. Still no joy. I tried the file on my old laptop and was able to deploy fast and smoothly. So performance is better on my laptop, an HP DV8395ea. 2ghz Intel Core Duo T2500, 2gb RAM, Nvidia Geoforce Go 7600 running Windows 95. Does anyone have any ideas? The game worked perfectly well up till now. I can easily start a Large quick battle an play no problem. Why the problem with this single Medium PBEM game?
  21. Excellent. That particular bug is also in Painter 12, but it looks like it's Logitech's fault and not Corel's. Have you got any of your stuff online? You can check out mine at my website below:
  22. I'm assuming you are the same Yskonyn that also uses Painter 12 and a G15 keyboard I've reported that defect to the Beta testers forum. It's a small world. John
  23. haha... guess who must have mistyped 'shut'. I'll leave it as it's funny.
  24. I've just recently started my first CMBN PBEM game. I've had a turn from my opponent where I selected my troops, and then a turn in which I am to deploy. I am having horrendous performance issues with doing this. I've tried roughly ten times to deploy my forces. I've restarted my PC, **** down unecessary progs, checked my video drivers are up to date, running as admin and even things like checking virtual memory. I've tried turning down settings, turning trees, shadows and even sound off. The battle is an infantry only Medium Meeting Engagement on the QB019 map. Here is the sequence o
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