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  1. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=0bd_1249524865 Scot's troops still enjoy having a bayonet
  2. I think I *might* be part of the silent majority. I know CMBN is a great game. I owned and played all the CMx1 games. CMBN is by far the best... however I can see people's problems with stuff like tanks firing on the move. When less and less stuff is being abstracted it just seems weird. Allowing tanks to stop and fire on enemy armour, but to continue moving if a single driver from a destroyed jeep shows up seems reasonable.
  3. In a quick battle tonight (infantry only) I watched the AI push it's entire force down one side of the map, through hedgerows under HMG fire, followed by HMG fire + Mortars, followed by HMG + Mortars + Rockets.... they just kept coming.... there was no Plan B.
  4. I'm sure someone will be along with some exact facts and figures. If the target is in the direct LOS of the IG then it will have no problem. If they are close and terrain blocks their LOS then they won't be able to elevate high enough to drop rounds on them.
  5. Are you trying to do inderect fire with the infantry gun(s). They aren't mortars. They have a minimum as well as a maximum range. The target may well be too close to them and they can't elevate high enough to target that area.
  6. As long as the vehicle isn't destroyed then you can get the crew back into it (once their state allows you to give them orders again). I had a game recently where 2 halftracks got shot up in an awkward place (they were blocking a road). The enemy nearby had been dealt with, but the remaining crew of the 2 halftracks looked as though they would be shaken and out of control for too long. I dismounted some crew from another 2 safe and unharmed HTs and had them jog over and move the damaged ones out the way. I'm not sure this would work with tanks however.
  7. I am fluent in English and a Combat Mission player since CMBO... but I don't know what this word means. Oh.... I've watched Band of Brothers about four or five times
  8. Embedded viewer? Mine opens up in Acrobat. The PDF dimensions are: 4.5 inch x 7 inch per page (or as I like to call it, not being American, 114.3mm x 177.8mm)
  9. I'd rather wait a while and see the Commonwealth/SS module done well, than have it sooner. Battlefront, in all the time I have know their games (CMBO) have always engaged really well with their customers. When I think of other games I play or have played, I just can't imagine the developers actually lowering themselves to debate with their fans or customers. The Beta Testers also did and do a great job. I've beta tested for non-gaming stuff (Corel Painter 12) and I think it's refreshing that Battlefront allow their testers to talk about and reveal so much of the process.... with most software, the NDA basically means I can say I was a beta tester... and that's about it.
  10. I love it, warts and all. I'm sure everybody will have a list of things they'd like to see added, changed or fixed. I know of no other game developer that engages as directly with their players. People have been discussing real-time versus WEGO. I'm 100% WEGO. I enjoy being able to replay the minute of action several times - from different angles, from the viewpoint of different units. I'd hate to miss seeing all the cool things that happen. If I were forced to use real-time then I'd be forced to set my camera view so high most of the time (when not paused) for situational awareness, that I'd miss seeing all the small dramas played out. Some might argue that WEGO gives us far more information than a real commander would ever have, but a similar criticism could be leveled at Real-time with it's ability to completely chanage a units orders from second to second. I enjoy handing over control to the AI for that minute. I like forward to further patches making the game better each time, as well as the planned modules (really looking forward to the first one)
  11. That would actually be a welcome addition (at higher difficulty levels). A delay between issuing orders and having them received dependent on C2 links, much in the same way that spotting information takes time to be shared. I suppose the difficulty would be in deciding who exactly has given these orders: That could be anyone from a squad leader to a battalion commander.
  12. Ah... It's mentioned in the video which a roundup of PC game news for the week. Watching now.
  13. I'm not seeing a review or a score from Gamespot? There's one critic score of 9.0 which appears to be from NZGamer.
  14. Cheers for that. I'm really looking forward to the first module.
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