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  1. Excellent. That particular bug is also in Painter 12, but it looks like it's Logitech's fault and not Corel's. Have you got any of your stuff online? You can check out mine at my website below:
  2. I'm assuming you are the same Yskonyn that also uses Painter 12 and a G15 keyboard I've reported that defect to the Beta testers forum. It's a small world. John
  3. Just an update on this issue. My friend finally got this working by using the Nvidia driver stuff, and changing the refresh rates from 'default' to '60mhz' for the required resolutions.
  4. Thanks for the info. I spoke to my friend, and he confirms that although his monitor is plug-and-play, it is fairly old and has a fixed refresh rate of 60mhz. He's running in 32 bit colour at 1024x768. It is strange however that he's had no bother in the past installing and playing CMBO and CMBB.
  5. This post is on behalf of a friend (and CMBB opponent). After downloading and playing the CMAK demo myself, I pleaded with my friend to get it, so we could try it out PBEM. He tried to install and run the demo, and came across a problem. When the program gets to the bit about testing screen resolutions, the screen goes completely black... and stays like that. From my memory of installing CMBO, CMBB and the CMAK demo, it should only take a second or two for it to detect resolution/refresh rate or whatever. He's running Windows XP and an nvidia graphics card. What are the likely reasons fo
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