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  1. Mind you... the CW module doesn't look so great on my Mac (but I think it's just my graphics card that doesn't like 1.10) Although I have dropped the setting to BEST/IMPROVED so that the screenshot was clear enough, it looks just like this when set to BEST/BEST in game. A far cry from my previous screenshot.
  2. Tone down the colour a little in Photoshop and I think that the un-modded game looks great, even on a 5 year old iMac.
  3. Finding Vierville great fun to play. My front line has almost circled around the entire map like some strange military waltz. I still have to ask my opponent what he thinks, but he did mention that: "this game is deeper than chess ". I notice that on the Blitz website both an Axis and an Allied total victory have been achieved, so I imagine it is quite well balanced for H2H.
  4. Well - it's one of the things that our fathers and grandfathers and great grandfathers fought for - freedom of speech.
  5. Even if it was an omission by BF it certainly wouldn't be offensive. There aren't any Panzer IIIs either but I doubt this was due to Panzer III prejudice of BFs part. I only raised the issue to see if a modder might feel like adding a few new skins because I greedily wanted to include them in my upcoming 'Red Ball Express' mission.
  6. Any modders out there planning to create some African American skins for the US GIs? I'm designing a mission where it would be historically accurate to include. Mind you - I hope that the image placeholder for US soldier skins isn't shared with the German troops - that would just be too weird!
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