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  1. That was kinda what I was driving at... but thanks for being more succinct.
  2. What level of difficulty are you playing on?
  3. I swear that I have seen demo charges being thrown from a building in CMBN 1.10. I will look through my old save games.
  4. With a name like Hector you should be good at holding out during long sieges.
  5. Yes indeed. H2H battle outcomes often end up being decided by who has the last tank.
  6. I must say that it's quite fun sitting down here amongst the 'great unwashed', and looking up at noob and bigduke6 fight it out on their high horses.
  7. No image of a 'perfectly accurate panzer' ever brought a tear to my eye, but the butterfly scene at the end of "All Quiet on the Western Front' did.
  8. 10 second pauses... Ouch! Is there a Mac currently out there that can run CMFI smoothly even with the larger battles?
  9. Can your 27" iMac handle even the large battles with a decent graphical quality? I only ask because I am considering a replacement for my old 2008 iMac.
  10. What is even more amusing is that they have no contact with higher HQs - who exactly are they going to report their recon findings to? I guess they have to rely on pigeons or a good runner.
  11. Yup - that was my original reason for asking.
  12. Does anyone know if CMFI includes the possibility of a weapon being jammed?
  13. Pretty much hits the nail on the head. Personally, I would like to see a few more player aids and info feedback to allow players to really enjoy the 'Realtime' experience - but that's just me.
  14. Maybe those Italian units are just very cheap? But my machine just isn't up to a battle this size.
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