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  1. In the book, Sherman Firefly by Mark Hayward (Barbarossa Books) this photo is captioned: A Firefly of an unknown unit, 1st January 1945, in a photograph taken by Sergeant Smith in Germany (probably Gangelt). Gangelt is about 8 km west of Geilenkirchen, north of Aachen. Tank Museum 2996/D5
  2. I agree with you that CM "historical" scenarios are, at best, a close approximation, although a lot of **** happens to me when I play them! I just like the fact that you can "measure", so to speak, historically based scenarios by reading up on them. Something you can't do with scenarios that never happened.
  3. Interesting that there seems to be greater support for science-fictiony, it-never- actualy-happened stuff rather than historical based scenarios.
  4. Oh yes! Although I believe it is currently billed as Steel Tigers. Steel Panthers, when it first came out, was without peer. And it was originally supposed to have a we-go option which, sadly was dropped. Maybe the new iteration will be we-go; I really hope so.
  5. The caption says that the tanks come from the 709th Tank Battalion which was supporting the 75th Division during the Colmar fighting.
  6. Wow, longtime since I have seen you on the Forums! I feel quite privileged Found the maps, as described, although only fifteen of 'em. But who's counting. Had a quick look-see and the BP looks good. Here's hoping for more of them. Cheers Jim
  7. Not seeing any new QB maps; latest ones I have are dated Feb 2015.
  8. I have been leafing through Munch's history of the 653rd Hvy. Pz. jg. Bn. to try and find something definitive. Nothing that specific but there is reference to a memo to 1st Army High Command stating that slow reloading was a known problem. In part, from the separate projectile and propellant casing which is obviously a slower process than a conventional tank shell. But also because " it is necessary to return to zero degree elevation after each shot to unload the spent casing. This makes it necessary to employ a large number of Jagdtigers in an attack" This tends to make the tested loading ti
  9. A mere jest but, IMHO, at this stage Baneman has no choice but to bull on. The infantry will tire out if forced to move laterally; although there may be some wisdom in reversing and repositioning the armour. Bil's aggressive stance has already been punished; perhaps an aggressive counter is what is called for now. A good fight and great AARs from both partcipants.
  10. Which leaves going sideways or.....backwards? Good luck with those two on the attack
  11. Excellent! Interesting subject matter; let's hope this is the first of many. Will these scenarios feature the use of triggers and what proportion are playable from both sides? - obviously not the campaign ones. Also, are any specifically H2H?
  12. Hear, Hear! I enjoyed the film and, yes, the final battle was somewhat exaggerated. How unusual for a Hollywood film! Now back to my CM battle where a single, wounded soldier, hiding in a hedge, has denied my opponent the victory zone.
  13. Bone, Bone? I thought by now we were going to get a skeleton, entire
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