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Hey Stingray same thing happen to me. What the hell do we do now and why is there a limit on D/L files when the speed is like 11.5 kb/s to 35.5 KB/s for me

The limit you reached is a daily limit per file. It's a security measure to prevent leaching of the same file over and over. It's at 6 downloads for the same file per day at the moment. I may bump it up to 10 or so.

So if your download failed a few times and you have reached the limit, simply try again the next day.

If you get a lot of corrupt downloads, please consider using a download manager.

If your downloads are getting blocked, please consider adjusting your internet browser security settings. That's what is blocking the download. I believe that downloads are blocked at the default "medium" security level of IE, for example.

The speed problems... well, we had a discussion about this and we decided to go with a free server-based system, and not the server network that we had planned, for now. If we find that too many people get too slow speeds all the time, we may switch back to an optional membership system. Perhaps a system where paying customers get a bigger bandwidth chunk for examppe.

But let's first see how things pan out over the next months. It's possible that Sergei snatched all the bandwidth and everyone else only got breadcrumbs :) We will be playing with the server settings over the next days to see if this can be improved.

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You can change the background yourself. Click on the "Home" tab. In the lower left you'll find a module called "Switch style" (or something like that). You can set the background to black. (This can be done for any game section independently, too, and some games have several backgrounds to choose from).


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