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  1. My bad, DUH. Sorry, it’s time for me to slink away.
  2. I'd be interested to know what you think. Is Verdennes another name for the CO2 scenario called Greyhound Dash?
  3. Oh! What a pleasure to meet you, then, thank you! I love this game, which I only discovered recently and am likely to put more hours into than all my other wargames combined. I’ve even read the manual from start to finish…twice! This scenario is really well put together. The long time-span challenges the player to pay attention to operational tempo and to realise that overreaching with the initial allocation of forces (as Allies) can only expose his supply-lines and over-stretch his units. I ground out a defense around Soy, Beffe and Erezee. If I hadn't set up a defense in one of the no
  4. I wonder if anyone else is still in this thread, which I read through with some interest as I am on the seventh day out of eight, playing as the Allies, historical, realistic time delay. I have to say, I’m proud of my management of this battle and I’m in firm control of about 70% of the objectives. Is it an easier battle to win as the Allies?
  5. Well, give yourself some credit for skill, BlackMoria and if there was an element of luck, Napoleon would have appreciated it. Frogfoots for the Russians but no Hogs for the U.S.…well let's not revisit that debate. I just hope our real-life infantry/cavalry have better defenses against fast air. And in this scenario, Russia clearly has air superiority.
  6. Yes, I am going to wait a while before signing up again for this one. Better AD for the US side would really balance out the mission while still retaining a high level of challenge. Are the Stinger MANPAD teams the only US AD fielded in the game? It seems unrealistic that an American force of this size would not have a stronger air defence, especially when Russian strike aircraft, rather than just helicopters, are briefed. This scenario puts a fresh US assault force up against a supposedly depleted Russian defence but Russian air superiority interferes with this balance and kind of makes t
  7. An August Morning is a terrific, tactical mission that will become a "classic", I suspect, all the more impressive because it has so few of the modern toys. (Advice to CM mission makers: start your mission titles with an A, that way they'll be at the top of the listing, and if they are very small, they'll still be at the top even after you filter for length. Brilliant.)
  8. Is Objective Delta yours, Pete? If so, I will send you the bill for the rug I acquire when the bloody thing has caused me to tear out what's left of my hair.
  9. I would imagine the AI does not need a spotted target for air strikes, as the human player does not. My hunch is that the AI will call the strike on an area on the map from which its own units are taking fire.
  10. You are absolutely right, BlackMoria. I realise that I had things pretty well in hand before the Russian fast air arrived, my single Stinger team missed with two shots and it all went to hell in a handbasket. A couple of questions/comments: - Are vehicles in woods seen by fast air? - I think I will go down the right next time as the streets in the center have AT-armed infantry inside the houses and vehicles advancing this way are running a gauntlet. If I had tanks I could just blast those houses but the Strykers have precious little offensive capability on this scale, the MGS vehicl
  11. Lost again. It all went tits-up as I approached the leftmost objective and started to dismount my infantry. And then the Russian air arrived; Stinger squad got off two missiles but hit nothing and curled up in a fetal position. Then I lost both my spotter and my C/O so that was the end of my supporting fires. Ehh. Back into the breach...maybe.
  12. Ha, first blood! By this time in my last playthrough I was two vehicles down. This is my first kill in CMBS with that paper-thin MGS Stryker. It's going to be a matter of patience and deciding how long I can wait before committing to the infantry battle and moving on the objectives. I will use the Apaches to recon the wooded areas en route by fire as they do not need eyes on from other systems. I also spotted where the tanks forded the river in the upper right corner of the map, so with good spotting I might be able catch them in the bottleneck. Either way, what I have learned is that yo
  13. The game can bend time in the player's head, especially if you play WEGO. Because you have only one minute at a time, and because it can take ten minutes to plot a one minute turn, the temptation is to move as many units as you can as far as you can in that time or it feels like you are not making progress. The fact is that even in (easier) missions that I have won fairly handily, I usually end up with ten minutes to spare and if I had taken those ten minutes I would definitely have avoided casualties. Here endeth the lesson. Now back to Objective Delta.
  14. Good to know I'm on approximately the right track, BlackMoria. Reinforcing this strategy further is the realisation I had this morning (although it may be wishful thinking, and I cannot verify in-game right now) that the UAV the US side gets is a Gray Eagle, which flies out of range of everything but Tunguskas (and I do not think the Russian force has any of those.) It's a cleverly designed scenario, for all the punishment it doles out to the US player who attempts to duke it out by direct fire with Strykers against heavy armor. For me, it reinforces a key concept of CMBS, which is not
  15. It's a PITA, no doubt about it. Having licked my wounds after a humiliating defeat the first time around, I have come to the conclusion that the best strategy is to keep my vehicles in cover about a third of the way up the map until all the supporting assets have come on line, as the wafer-thin Strykers are no match for T-72s and BMPs. I do not think the Russians have much AD capacity so I am going to advance only as far as I can without getting into a direct-fire punch-up, then (because there are very few places with good LOS for spotters) use my UAV to spot for the Apaches, the mortars and
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