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  1. My bad, DUH. Sorry, it’s time for me to slink away.
  2. I'd be interested to know what you think. Is Verdennes another name for the CO2 scenario called Greyhound Dash?
  3. Oh! What a pleasure to meet you, then, thank you! I love this game, which I only discovered recently and am likely to put more hours into than all my other wargames combined. I’ve even read the manual from start to finish…twice! This scenario is really well put together. The long time-span challenges the player to pay attention to operational tempo and to realise that overreaching with the initial allocation of forces (as Allies) can only expose his supply-lines and over-stretch his units. I ground out a defense around Soy, Beffe and Erezee. If I hadn't set up a defense in one of the non-objective towns south of Erezee (Erpigny), I think the weight of the AI Axis advance on the north side of the river would have overrun Erezee, turned my left flank, and threatened Hotton. I had an easier time on the other side of the river; I wonder whether blowing the bridge that you left conveniently primed in the south east corner influenced the AI's choice of route. Again, on that side of the map I pressed south as far as I dared in order to set up a defensive screen without exposing myself to being outflanked. Only by the fifth day could I feel the momentum shifting when I was able to secure Beffe with paratroop reinforcements attacking from woodland terrain, secure Erezee with reinforcements after two days of fierce fighting (although I still face skirmishes there) and mount an attack, laterally, into Amonines using reinforcements from the west while assaulting from the north the enemy forces just across the river that had stalled my previous, under-powered attempt to take and hold that objective with the available units. Now that I have put the Axis offense on the back foot, I think the three objectives in the south-east corner of the map may be attainable in the 14 hours or so left of the battle. This will make the difference between a minor victory and something more glorious, I suspect. As always, constant attention to corps- and division-level artillery was crucial; I am hoping that the update addresses the need (as I see it, anyway) for the player to manage this in order to focus its firepower. It's odd also that some AI attack maneuvres are led by battalion arty units but otherwise, of course, the AI is the glory of this superb game; I often watch in wonder as it organises itself for a battalion probe or attack and then adapts to what it finds, it's the best AI I've ever seen in a PC battlefield sim. I can see why the scenario might be harder when playing as Axis, if only because Axis forces must cover more ground and are constantly in the attack, whereas the Allies can dig in (once the player decides, crucially, exactly where to do so). I will definitely replay the mission from the Axis side. You're the man to ask about this: is the AI programmed to select from a variety of routes and plans so that every playthrough presents a different set of challenges to the player? As I said, in my current playthrough as the Allies, the weight of the Axis assault has been to the north of the river, which, fortunately for me, suited my defense. It left the long road along the south-west bank of the river essentially unused by the Axis, making it relatively easy, once I took Hampteau, to send a counter-attacking task force all the way down that road at the beginning of day seven. Thanks again for you great work. I've been on the Lock 'n Load forums and Steam but it never occurred to me that I'd strike gold at Battlefront.com, which, I believe, does not publish CO2?
  4. I wonder if anyone else is still in this thread, which I read through with some interest as I am on the seventh day out of eight, playing as the Allies, historical, realistic time delay. I have to say, I’m proud of my management of this battle and I’m in firm control of about 70% of the objectives. Is it an easier battle to win as the Allies?
  5. Just what I needed, Ian, many thanks for going to the trouble to respond to a rusty veteran's plea.
  6. Hi gents. I need to redownload, update and reinstall CMBS. I have figured how to access my original license key and download files but before I plunge in, can someone please advise re. the following: i. My original purchase of "CMBS 1.03 Full Windows" shows up as 8 files, many with .brz suffixes plus .bin and .exe files. Do I download all of these to a folder and then just let the installer do its work? And will I get the option to install to my E: drive? ii. I have forgotten how to update this game. Obviously I want to get from 1.03 to the latest version (2.10, I believe); what is the best way to do this? Many thanks. I have an ability to mess this kind of stuff up so I'd appreciate advice.
  7. I'm looking for a good, balanced, tactical PBEM, nothing too huge. I find that hand-made battles, the good ones anyway, offer an extra dimension and a friend and I have played through a few of the scenarios that came with CMBS. However, until it is possible to filter the files in the Repository properly, I am not sure how to find such a thing efficiently, so I am asking for recommendations. US vs Russia or US vs. Ukraine please, daytime preferred. Thank you!
  8. If Shane is kind enough to fill a large hole in the scenario database support currently offered by BF's own web site, then he is performing a valuable service. I do not regard his attempts to popularize this service as spam and I intend to support it fully.
  9. Many thanks for responding, Steve, much appreciated. In the meantime, announcements on this forum of new content by its creators seems to be the best way to identify scenarios, etc. that one might want to download.
  10. Thanks, guys. Amazing. I am not going to trudge through the Repository without being able to sort by type or even stars given by users. This is a pity as I was looking forward to finding great new scenarios but they'll have to bring the database search function up to the bare minimum standards first.
  11. How do I access the folders for type: scenario? I am astonished that the database is not searchable by type.
  12. The answer to this must surely be staring me in the face but I cannot figure out how (or even if) the BF Repository allows the user to filter uploads by type, i.e. in my case, scenario files only. And is it possible to refine a search further (i.e. too identify scenario files designed for PDEM, etc.)? I will delete this thread and go stand in the corner if I figure it out before anyone gives me the answer. Thanks!
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