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  1. Could you please let me know how to import palm trees and/or buildings from CMSF into CMBN? Thanks
  2. Dont mind the time delay, thats not the point. The point I was making that we cant queve(sp?) orders, like embark - aquire 2000 ammo, disembark, face, fire arc. Now I have to order them to embark, wait for the end of turn, click on them again, then give orders.
  3. Not very WEGO player friendly, is it?
  4. Is there a way in WEGO to embark, then aquire Ammo/AT, dismount on one turn? I cant seem to get them to do anything else except embark.
  5. 2 of my buddies died there. One was a driver, another gunner. I think their tank got hit with IED
  6. Cant wait to see some scenarios you guys make utilizing my mod
  7. I was in 2-69 Ft Benning,then 1-72 ROK Since then in Ohio NG Ive been ADA and MP
  8. Angryson Please email me those photos! Thanks Those flags would be covered up by the body armor [ May 18, 2008, 12:26 AM: Message edited by: M1A1TC ]
  9. You can use them as disposable units in your scenario, while "core" American soldiers get to move on
  10. They are Iraqi National Police SWAT units, which replace CMSF Special Forces textures. The other Iraqi Police are regular urban police units, which replace CMSF Combatant textures. You could for example create a scenario where Iraqi SWAT and regular police units with US Army support fight Iraqi Insurgents (CMSF fighters) Some of my inspiration photos
  11. Yes, the writing I will fix, it does say "river resque, as I got it from a police patrol boat. So Ill get that fixed in 2.0 I am working on Iraqi Army as well.
  12. Here what is added: Iraqi Police Pickup Truck Iraqi Police Combatant (Regular Police) Iraqi National Police (in brand new 2008 uniform) Iraqi police UAZ Iraqi police station Iraqi police high stone walls
  13. Thanks. Ill try to have this up and running by the end of this weekend
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