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  1. I liked it. German paratrooper history from very beginning to the end. Black and white photos, many never seen before. Maps. Actual translated reports, reported losses, combat reports, memories, etc.
  2. I own these books: Fallschirmjager in Crete by Jena-Yves Nasse Jump into Hell: German Paratroopers in World War 2 by Franz Kurowski
  3. Thanks, i appreciate it. Here is a garage and a modular building
  4. Here area few screenshots from my CMBN buildings mod. About 8 independant buildings are finished, including 2 barns and 2 churches. Coming slower than expected since I am back in school.
  5. There are lots of stories cropping up of game developers using websites like Kickstarter to use fans to fund their new projects. I think Battlefront should do the same. You guys want more flavour objects? How about everyone donate 5-10$? What that SS smock? Donate 1$...etc.
  6. Could you please let me know how to import palm trees and/or buildings from CMSF into CMBN? Thanks
  7. Been working on the buiding mod for awhile, here are 2 examples. Will release when ready
  8. Id Like To See A Better Editor - Look At Upcoming Creation Kit For The Skyrim.
  9. Pre-ordered, just like I will do with any future Combat Mission games I am glad it comes in a case now, one of the games I got in the past was warped
  10. I have read several actual real life accounts of US combat veterans who saw tanks fire 88 main rounds at a single person.
  11. Here are some books in my collection: Siegfried - The Nazi's Last Stand by Charles Whiting Battered Bastards of Bastogne by George Koskimaki Overlord - D-Day and the battle of Normandy by Max Hastings
  12. I have been very busy this weekend working on several mods, so far I have new textures of infantry uniforms and gear for both sides, several new buidlings, weapons. Should be finished very soon. Small preview - new binoculars with case texture.
  13. Ok, I tried it again, and it worked!!!! Thanks
  14. I need to spend my money on the limited edition - pre-order isnt working, saying something is down. Tried multiple credit cards. Please fix or somethink!!!!!! "Error: Failure in Processing the Payment (payflow_pro)"
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