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  1. I liked it. German paratrooper history from very beginning to the end. Black and white photos, many never seen before. Maps. Actual translated reports, reported losses, combat reports, memories, etc.
  2. I own these books: Fallschirmjager in Crete by Jena-Yves Nasse Jump into Hell: German Paratroopers in World War 2 by Franz Kurowski
  3. Thanks, i appreciate it. Here is a garage and a modular building
  4. Here area few screenshots from my CMBN buildings mod. About 8 independant buildings are finished, including 2 barns and 2 churches. Coming slower than expected since I am back in school.
  5. There are lots of stories cropping up of game developers using websites like Kickstarter to use fans to fund their new projects. I think Battlefront should do the same. You guys want more flavour objects? How about everyone donate 5-10$? What that SS smock? Donate 1$...etc.
  6. Could you please let me know how to import palm trees and/or buildings from CMSF into CMBN? Thanks
  7. Been working on the buiding mod for awhile, here are 2 examples. Will release when ready
  8. Id Like To See A Better Editor - Look At Upcoming Creation Kit For The Skyrim.
  9. Pre-ordered, just like I will do with any future Combat Mission games I am glad it comes in a case now, one of the games I got in the past was warped
  10. I have read several actual real life accounts of US combat veterans who saw tanks fire 88 main rounds at a single person.
  11. Here are some books in my collection: Siegfried - The Nazi's Last Stand by Charles Whiting Battered Bastards of Bastogne by George Koskimaki Overlord - D-Day and the battle of Normandy by Max Hastings
  12. I have been very busy this weekend working on several mods, so far I have new textures of infantry uniforms and gear for both sides, several new buidlings, weapons. Should be finished very soon. Small preview - new binoculars with case texture.
  13. Ok, I tried it again, and it worked!!!! Thanks
  14. I need to spend my money on the limited edition - pre-order isnt working, saying something is down. Tried multiple credit cards. Please fix or somethink!!!!!! "Error: Failure in Processing the Payment (payflow_pro)"
  15. http://www.scribd.com/doc/35253664/Breaching-the-Siegfried-Line-USA-1944 In August 1944 the first clashes took place on the Siegfried Line: the section of the line where most fighting took place was the Hürtgenwald area in the Eifel, 20 km (13 miles) southeast of Aachen. An estimated 120,000 troops, plus reinforcements, were committed to Hürtgen. The battle in this confusing, heavily forested area claimed the lives of 24,000 troops plus 9,000 non-battle casualties. The German death toll is not documented, but Hans von Luck estimates it at around 9,000. After the Battle of Hürtgenwald, the Battle of the Bulge began, starting at the area south of the Hürtgenwald, between Monschau and the Luxembourgish town of Echternach. This offensive was a last-ditch attempt by the Germans to reverse the course of the war. It cost the lives of many without producing any lasting success. There were serious clashes at other parts of the Siegfried Line and soldiers in many bunkers refused to surrender, often fighting to the death. By spring 1945, however, the last Siegfried Line bunkers had fallen at the Saar and Hunsrück.
  16. What type of defensive fortifications will be available? Will Dragon teeth etc. be in? Will they be breach able by Eng.? Thanks
  17. From the book "DEATH TRAPS: THE SURVIVAL OF AN AMERICAN ARMORED DIVISION IN WORLD WAR 2" by Belton Y. Cooper - excellent book, reading it now
  18. Hey It looks amazing! I also have been working on Afghanistan building textures Right now I am almost finished with ANA uniform textures. If you would like, I can post some screenshots of my work here?
  19. Ok, this mod should be uploaded very shortly, check the Repository. Various things included, some things were not as they were not finished. Still working on voices, background,vehicles,etc. Hope you all enjoy it
  20. Ill post what I have done so far in the Repository this weekend
  21. You should be able to download it from Repository
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