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  1. A bar of soap usually has them fleeing in disarray...
  2. When it posts a modicum of panache it already surpasses your abilities splurke...hence your mewlings of vitriol are not only expected, but boring.
  3. I am of the opinion that young Palladium is a reincarnation of a rather more aged Cesspool denizen, certainly knowledge of the olde '300 post limit' is not to be taken lightly. Regardless, I like it more than spurke already and will take it to squire should it prove to have the necessary cahonies. I believe Leeo was my last squire and look how how turned out...surely I must be due a break in squires sometime soon.
  4. Since when do POW's provide intel? Once the hands go up, all control is lost.
  5. I executed a prisoner once, I think he was one of Boo Radley's guys. Held him to ransom too over a couple of turns, negotiated a release package in the Cesspool but dumb old Boo insisted on an Obama-esque 'we don't negotiate with terrorists' stance so poor Johnny Appleseed has to take a bellyful of 7.62 as a result. Did I mention Boo Radley is a roight prick when it comes to concern for his troops? I bet he didn't even write a nice letter to Johnnie's parents... It was recorded on film as a warning to others... ">http://http://s161.photobucket.com/user/Glenn_Allan66/media/untitled1.jpg.html'>
  6. The moment I entered the room is the moment you hit the floor, grovelling whilst whimpering "I am not worthy", and it was so...you were not worthy. Hence I put the boot into you regardless...and you were thankful, for at least it showed you were paid some attention...
  7. I would not deign to embarrass you with the level and quantity of my educational qualifications...or bore you as I know how limited your attention span is.
  8. Oooh a demerit, are you trying to keep me in after school too? (try to answer that without editing if you can)
  9. Why is it that sburke has to edit every post? Your 3rd grade education letting you down there monkey-boy?
  10. If only Joe were here to tut at you for mangling the posts of your betters you'd be whistling out the other side of your dungeroos...
  11. Impossible! I am Uber-Human! Now dance me a jig and entertain me minion.
  12. Too easy, why don't you pick a difficult challenge?
  13. More likely he just knows he's going to beat you.
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