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  1. Blast only works against walls and wires. Against hostile targets they work the same as other grenades or at weapons, they will do it if they are in range on their own. Target can be used but at that range I think it's not necessary.
  2. I don't know what would be a proper way to model counterbattery fire, but it would be reasonable if offboard batteries had to relocate after a mission as a precaution. Game effect would be that they would be unavailable with text "relocating".
  3. 1) Yes, you can do this. 2) You are limited to 200 'sheets' ie. tabs. Or wait, it looks like the limit has been removed?
  4. A Google Doc spreadsheet would do nicely.
  5. "CM Gray Sea covers a speculative war between Notrossiya and Notukraina." Yeah, doesn't sound too good. Arma 2 took place in Chernorus (Black Rus), which of course was in no way taken as a reference to Belarus (White Rus). Now I would be offended if BFC made CMSF a Syria based game after the Syrian civil war started or CMBS a Ukraine based game after the Ukrainian civil war started. But this isn't the case, obviously. CMSF gave us a Syrian pro-Assad troll. CMBS is bound to give us Russian pro-Putin trolls, but that is probably unavoidable. BFC can reduce this by making it clear that they ar
  6. In Windows 7, at least, you can individually control the volume levels of each running program in relation to others in the mixer.
  7. *watches the men go to wrong position* Maybe there should be alternatives - either you accept some delays, or you accept that your men don't get unambiguous orders and will end up in a wrong place, facing the wrong direction and firing at wrong targets?
  8. Care to give us your Instant Formula so we too can calculate the correct delay for every unit in every situation (in/out of command, commander bonuses, experience, radio/no radio etc.), Einstein?
  9. You're saying that a unit waiting for 30 seconds (which is no time at all compared to what it takes to convey orders through a command chain in real life) is a problem for gameplay. But your suggested alternative seems even worse: with a limited number of actions your units would be limited to moving to the next bend in the road and then stop and wait for further orders. With the original command delay system you could at least plan things, this system would only allow your troops to inch forward one step at a time. My favourite system was in Steel Panthers 3 where you assigned objectives f
  10. Just area target it and be done with it. No spotting issues there! Realistically of course you'd have to convey the information somehow for the tank to take action, which would take time. The same problems cropped up in the western front, especially in bocage where close infantry-tank cooperation proved difficult. In the end they attached telephones to the backs of Shermans to facilitate direct communication, but even that wouldn't have been as efficient as what the omniscient player can do.
  11. It's not about ability to understand and carry out orders, it's about getting sensible orders there, command and control. Commanding troops is difficult and time consuming, lest you want to end up with a "charge of the light brigade" type misunderstanding. More so with inexperienced troops with little room for improvisation in their heads. I can just point and click an out of command squad to give it a convoluted path across city streets to a faraway target and then take quarters in a specific building's second floor facing north-west, but in reality that wouldn't work too well without telepat
  12. Minimum is Nintendo Gamecube, Wii is recommended. Nobody knows, actually! Given how the game performance currently works, I suspect you will be able to play on a max size map on most systems that currently run the engine - but the outcome will heavily depend on the map layout, your video settings and how much action is going on on the map.
  13. But how many CUBIC kilometers will the maps be?
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