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Thanks Battlefront....

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Great news!!

*comes back from a little dance around the room*

There I was, already thinking that from now on (CM:SF) it is ok to check the forum only like once a week until the second CMx2 games comes out.... and then CMC pops up out of nowhere.

Hunter and BFC - you definitely made the coming winter way more agreeable for me....looking forward for the spring (or whenever it will be released in the first half of the coming year).

The campaign tool I was praying for - and even for CM:BB, my favourite!! Thanks everybody to make that possible - and thanks Robert Olesen to keep CM:BB alive for until now!


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For a surprise that's a surprise!

Thanks Battlefront, nice idea to give us new campaigns system!

Only two questions :

- Could we use CMC with any CMBB patched version ?

- or CMC will be patched with any CMBB version anyway?



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I have no doubts this will be a success so we can look forward to a CMAK at least and maybe even a CMBO campaign game. The Eastern front is popular (with most) and I think a lot are happy to have a campaign game to play instead of quick battles or just player made scenarios that are canned.

I enjoy "random" more than anything, but, quick battles just wasn't enough, I needed some structure to the "random" to give more life to the whole game, this should do it nicely. I'm going to name my unit Kellysheroes. ;) (we can name our units correct?) ;)

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Wow, upon reviewing the site again, looks like you will be able to play a solo campaign and command 1 or more units while AI handles the others on the operational map. Engagements which your unit are not personally involved in can be automatically resolved at the operational level. So you will get to have your personal unit "KellysHeroes"! (dunno how they got to the east front...)

Even looks like you can save the OOB after the campaign, then load it into a new campaign, thus preserving your unit presumably with all it's awards, experience, casualties, etc. This is an extrapolation/guess on my part though...

Haven't been this excited about a game since CMBO was in beta!!!

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