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  1. e.g. Schwarzbuch des Kommunismus (Black book of Communism) You are so generous. Then this can only mean that today, with internet, also every US-soldier knew, that Colin Powell and the US-government was lying about WMDs in Iraq? But such claims are even more ridiculous if you look at the cicumstances: all german soldiers should have known what not a single secret service of the Alliies knew about!!! That's like saying: every US soldier knew, that Iraq had WMDs, while no secret service new about them. Come one, not even you would believe that. How? Sure! Btw, do
  2. Let me guess: It's you who is the one talking higher mathematics and I'm the one claiming 2+2=555, right? But so far I have not seen a single argument from your side, what in my argumentation was not correct. Can you explain to me, how could you, the higher mathematician know that my calculation was wrong, if you refuse to check it? Andif it was wrong, shouldn't it be easy to show, what is wrong? Where is the "logic" behind all this absurdity in your thinking, that if you avoid free speech, you would INCREASE your KNOWLEDGE? You are acting like priests, that try to defend secrets of a
  3. Oh, didn't know that the 2nd tank had LOS, too. Then I take it back. The result was well deserved and also well executed then. :cool:
  4. Interesting that single words are triggering such a reaction in you. Do you know that this is similar to a Pawlowian Dog and not the behavour of a free, open minded man that demands to talk about everything freely?
  5. Blonde blue-eyed people are inbred? Do I hear racism? Official communist postcard "Leaders of the Proletarian Revolution". As historically educated I guess you know them? And would you say, that a Politburo with around 90% jews is jewish? Try to read good books, for example Alexander Solshenizyn, and consume less brainwashing-media then you would understand better, what is going on in the world. Instead of calling for censorship, and being an enemy of free speech, as soon as it is NOT against "blonde blue-eyed" people and the destruction of their people, you could discuss the f
  6. Wrong. Germany was destroyed. Totally. What today is called "Germany" has nothing to do with Germany. It is the FRG and has nothing to do with german culture, the german people, german history. It is an artificial re-educated consumerism Coca Cola culture. Finis Germania 1945. But everything else you write is wrong, too: First, the biggest genocide in history was committed after the Germans laid down their weapons with around 11 million victims. In "peacetimes", committed by the united globalists, the bringers of peace to the world. And when this "liberation" was taking place, strangel
  7. No, I'm not interested in knowing what the other side does.
  8. Hm, that's some time but maybe not that bad, if you additionally can threat his tank on 509 from the side? A good timed faked attack directly over a smoked top of 509 with an infantry unit with AT weaponry, while your tank attacks him in the flank? Conducting this maneuver with both tanks maybe is a bit risky, because he could decide to roll over the crest while your tanks are on the move. Tehrefore a further away overwatch tank protecting the move of the tank closer to the hill, seems the much safer variant. I know and I understand this. But my personal preference would be to solve t
  9. The only info I have is from the pics you posted. Ofcourse I did not read Bil's thread - and I have stated that. Otherwise I wouldn't have discussed tactics with you, ofcourse. So do not try to suggest, that my conclusions were built on more info. IMO moving to the centre was your best option left, but quite a mistake was, that you have not engaged immediately. Even if he would have withdrawn, you would have decimated his infantry already quite a bit. Now his infantry is unhamred, his tank is ok and additionally the PzIV are placed on the forward slope of 509 where they seem to be wit
  10. Makes somewhat more sense with the Singular.
  11. Typical anti-german political re-education propaganda garbage out of the FRG.
  12. You send your screenies to Bil? For me the inequality makes it interesting. I'm quite sure that he recognized that he has no chance against your big force on the right for now and therefore IMO did the only right thing: cancel the planned attack and decided to hold 523 on the reverse slope and let you come. For now. This could also give him the opportunity to free up the tank(s) to strenghten the top of 523. I'd especially find it problematic, if he would recognzie the importance of the top of 523 and would not only have one, but two or three tanks defending this pillar. He
  13. There are people who are not reading the other thread and therefore can't spoil anything...
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