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  1. I just popped in here to pay my respects. Berlichtingen was one of those people that made this community so extra-ordindary. We are all lessened by his passing. ... And he would not forgive me if I wasted this opportunity to tell you Pengers that you were all pretty ****ing lessened to begin with.
  2. You are a life saver. Setting affinity did the trick for me. Could not get the game to load the 3D map at all (or, oddly, the editor's 2D map) after upgrading to Win X. After trying all the compatibility options in vain, I thought I had reached an end of an era. My North African RobO campain lives on!
  3. C-130 isn't as fat as it looks while sitting on the ground. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2376/2189815098_9efefafccd.jpg I'm betting you are seeing the exhaust of a 4 engined plane. Prop wash may disperse the exhaust to both sides of the engines. The outboard engine to outside and centre of wing, inboard engine to inside and centre. This would give you three exhaust trails per wing. My money is once again on a C-130 if you also think you saw 6 nacelles. If not there are so many alternatives that it isn't really worth guessing at.
  4. Tried changing the new HOTKEYS back to my preferences but having no luck. Where the designated letters should be in the orders are blank and the orders don't work. Looking at the file I can't see where I went wrong. Anyone have more success?
  5. Your going a bit overboard a wee bit but yeah, flares do need to be included.
  6. Here are Moons instructions. http://www.battlefront.com/community/showpost.php?p=1145352&postcount=33
  7. It's still the old version in OM's post. The Target Smoke is missing.
  8. Still waiting on that myself. Though the Delete key works too, if you had missed that.
  9. C-130 with under wing fuel tanks, I'm thinking. If seen from underneath and to the rear, it'd be easy to mistake it for an extra engine.
  10. Have you tried Marco Bergman's font mod? And might I add it is just a few posts below so I'm thinking the trouble reading isn't just the fault of the font.
  11. It should work, and it does. Select unit, hoover over target vehicle with cursor, LEFT click. You wouldn't happen to have an ATI card, would you?
  12. This is much ado about nothing. In my eyes Cabe clearly and deliberately set himself up for the sucking comment and JasonC obliged. Nothing wrong with that. Cabe then moaning about it provoked JasonCs unnecessary but not undeserved swipe. Cabe can protest all he likes about how he didn't want a flame war but he then proceeded to be the biggest contributor to it. And around here, you get what you ask for. So... could the two of you please, for the love of ****, chill out? Neither of you intended to give deliberate offence so shake hands, why don't you?
  13. One thing that is a bit weird is the friendly map edge of the Italians being on the opposite side of the map, it leads to highly game situation. Troops that are routed by my units ran towards my line, surrendering when they got there, without exception. Curiously, vehicle crews don't they actually threatened the cohesio of my line and kiled a truck and a few men until I brought in some armour to deal with them. My captured MkVIb tank crews (survivors of a devastating if suicidal charge) managed to escape n similar fashion. Most gamey of all was when routing infantry routed through the gap b
  14. Use a narrow key hole position (limited field of view) if you suspect enemy armour is around. Keep it well back from the main fighting because it eally is a fragile thing. Be wary of on board mortars and off map artillery of all calibers.
  15. I've read a fair few accounts of observers crawling into KO-ed tank, and indeed of gunners taking shots at KO-ed because they suspected the same. So pretty realistic and would be nice or inclusion in the new engine.
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