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  1. Thread winner best review so far that I agree with. So hard sometimes to pick between the fanboys and the realistic reviewers. Thanks guy. Looks as though the game like the others still has a lot of work ahead of it before it's really ready for the masses. I'll wait and get it from the bargain bin like I did TOW1 recently. I guess that has become the trend nowadays game releases and one to two years later it's ready for purchase. Sure am glad there are demos to save some of us from wasting our money.
  2. I wouldn't be so sure Windows 7 will replace XP finally. Not anytime soon for sure. It will take years to get mainstream to even accept Win 7 after the Vista scam. You can bet if a lot of games won't run on Win 7 gamers will turn on it just like they did Vista. If you're already having issues with games that's a sure sign it's in for a rough road to hoe.
  3. Back to Matrixgames and KOIOS PANZER COMMAND:SERIES then for me. Though their infantry system sucks at least it has a campaign mode and even a random campaign mode and at least rotate the map randomly feature. Nice try Battlefront you kept us waiting and waiting and waiting for a long time before you dropped the bomb on us. Guess there is still hope when you finally get away from this Modern Era CMX2 junk. I'll be back then to buy.
  4. Why did you downgrade to a 6200? That's your problem besides it being a P4 instead of Athlon. Looks like you downgraded everything but the memory and memory alone won't help you with crappy cpu and gpu.
  5. Hey it's not our fault you use that crappy on the way out Vista OS. You could have had XP installed, but, you chose Vista so suffer for your mistake don't blame it on Battlefront or other gamers. I bought a new computer recently and it has XP installed, so, don't act like you had no choice. As for those waiting on Empire Total War you are going to just waste your money yet again. CA has been promising greatness ever since that horrible RTW initial release and the game and that miserable AI hasn't improved yet. I don't see this one making any progress either. But, if you just care about grap
  6. I'd just be happy with an AI that knows when it's winning and plays to win. I don't care about graphics hell I'll play with 8 bit stick men if the AI is good/great. I just can't help shake the feeling though what we are going to get is just CMBO in module form with pretty graphics. Please explain to me what the CMX2 engine really has over the CMX1 engine other than graphics and the ability to play real time? Kinda feels like Matrixgames buying up the Talonsoft and Old Close Combat series, making it XP compatible and sticking them back out there at full price again.
  7. I don't see how this is true since Matrixgames Panzer Command Kharkov far surpasses even your CMX2 modules because it has random generated campaigns and random generated battles even. I think you bit off more than you could chew with that statement Steve. Even the ai is better in it. Once Koios gets the Western front portion out it's going to put CMX2 Normandy and it's modules way behind unless you put back in quick battles and random created campaigns.
  8. Don't you guys see? It's all a MARKETING SCAM to get more IMPATIENT people to buy CMSF Marines. Notice Moon makes a pitch for buying CMSF Marines in every post.
  9. Will the Strategy First publication of Blitzkreig work with the Battlefront expansion WAW? The reason I ask is this on the order page of WAW: "This is an expansion pack only and requires the base game of "Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg" (Battlefront.com English language version) to be installed and activated in order to play. Currently the expansion will NOT work with any other non-Battlefront.com version of Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg. "
  10. Where's the battle at Midway and the sinking of 4 IJN carriers? I thought this game was supposed to be historical?
  11. What I would like to see instead is the developers give the AI some life and have it taunt you during the game and say things like "What a stupid move that was" or "haha I sunk your battleship" lol stuff like that. I'd like it to be sound so we hear it no matter where we are, but, would be nice if the map auto scrolled to where the action was at when the AI spoke. This could actually lead to the ai winning more games I think as players who really get serious about being taunted would perhaps make more mistakes and forget their focus. I do this sort of stuff in PBEM games and it works for me.
  12. Plus not everyone plays like George McClellan and so the ai shouldn't either. Perhaps the ai realized it was in a losing situation, decided to John Wayne it at the Alamo and knowing it was going to get eliminated anyways decided to take as many with it as it could.
  13. Thas what yall get for buying ATI video cards the worst card for overall compatibility. I don't have these issues with my Nvidia cards.
  14. The fact that players would build airbases all over the map is what wouldn't be historical. Now if there were an extended delay before the airbases were built AND they could be DESTOYED or put in unusable conditions I'd be for that. But, this is an operational strategic game not Civilization IV or Tropico.
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