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Thanks Battlefront....

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This CMC looks awesome! Let's hope i'll not be forgetting about other things after i got it installed, such as sleeping and eating and stuff.

Will there be a german cdv CMC, or will CMC be usable with the cdv version?

Please, one of the questions MUST be answered with "Yes"!


I just found the answer in an older post. If i understand correctly, the original cmc will be usable, though in-game language will be messed up.

[ October 16, 2005, 04:50 AM: Message edited by: Krautman ]

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That was someone else's conclusion, as far as I can tell.

Sergei, do you now more about this, or is the issue of a european CMC version not yet clear? I don't know about Scandinavia, but in Germany we'll need a special CMC version, since the original contains the swastika- it won't be allowed here, which presumably means it won't be for sale. Are the developers already considering a german version?



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Krautman, I don't think that CMC is the type of product you'd be finding on store shelves (very niche target), so you'll have to order it from BFC most probably. In which case German swastika ban doesn't matter.

However it is, I would expect that Charles will handle it so that localized versions of CMBB will work as before.

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