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  1. AH Tactics II for me in 78 i believe - an ancient copy from a garage sale. Then onward and upward to PB, SL and all the others.
  2. Whatever it is I'll buy it just for armor cover arcs...especially anything ostfront. But how I'll ever find the time to play it I don't know. 12 years changes your priorities what with kids and all.
  3. I should correct my prior AAR to say I had 1 infantry PLATOON. Not a company. It was a very small battle on small map, so that might exacerbate the AI auto force pick problem. I used to pick the AI forces in CMx1 too...hmm, maybe i'll go back to that. I wish I could play more scenarios but i've played all the small-medium ones and just don't have the time necessary to do the big ones justice.
  4. I hadn't played in a long while until recently...went back and did a small QB, mixed force on both sides, ME on town map, realtime w/1 hour limit. I had an infantry company + sherm 76 and a .50 MG team. Spent a lot of time planning and executing my carefully laid attack into the town. 20 minutes into the game i'm all over the town, still no sight of the enemy. At minute 25, four MkIV's and 1 HMG42 team appeared. In 5 minutes 3 MkIV's drove right into the main street and were killed one by one by my keyholed sherm 76. I wiped out the HMG42 team with 60mm fire. The last MkIV stopped in pa
  5. Yes, 'pre-alpha' is an unfortunate choice of words by the reviewer since it implies the game was released before the graphics were complete or fully functional. As far as I can tell, the game was released with fully functional graphics, complete as per the original design and intent. "Functioning as designed", as we say in the software industry. Not looking like the latest FPS is not the same as 'pre-alpha'.
  6. Another good book on the economic aspect: http://www.amazon.com/Vampire-Economy-Doing-Business-Fascism/dp/B000XG6RRQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1311362969&sr=8-1
  7. Try playing US in last defense - elite + real time or wego.
  8. My suggestion is take the arty you know you won't be able to use, and paste likely locations with pre-planned barrages. At least you get some use out of it that way. Certain nasty scenario designers prevent this by having the arty come in as reinforcements... This works even better on the defense, where it's very difficult to predict and hit a fast moving enemy unless you have some TRP's out there and the enemy advances near/between them.
  9. Someone once said Iron mode is like Elite + hitting your thumb with a hammer. I've always found that Iron mode simply amounts to a lot more clicking. If you can't see or select unit 2 from unit 1's perspective, just unselect unit 1 and voila you can see and select unit 2 and all your other units. So in the end it amounts to a bunch of extra clicking for no reason. Iron mode feels like underlying C2 functionality hanging around waiting for a future multi/co-play feature.
  10. Tips on things that are working for me: 1. Scouts out: break out 4-8 2-man scout teams from a company (pick from the better squads). Fan them out to ID or annoy targets, moving a little (hunt and slow, 30-50 meters per hop), stopping to listen (use pauses liberally in WEGO). Always have overwatch in position, because it's the overwatch that will actually ID the enemy much of the time (not the terrified scouts). Scouts without overwatch are still useful, because you can find the enemy with your gods-eye view even if your other units don't 'see' the enemy due to C2, but not as useful. E
  11. I thought the play balance is very tight, considering I was just barely able to take the last objective with my last few shattered men and eek out a tactical victory. On the plus side there will be no one to court-martial except the battalion commander, since the company CO and exec both died at the foot of the church on minute 76 (I used all but 3 minutes of the 1:20 scenario time - required about 6 hours of real time WEGO). On the other hand, it would be tougher to get a total US victory...US would have to somehow sustain far less casualties, so that the germans don't get their US casual
  12. Also he's about to blow the fingers of his left hand clean off. Or is that phaser on stun.
  13. I managed to squeeze out a tactical victory (850 to 400 pts), it was incredibly close though, and I had to pretend it was stalingrad: suffered 75% casualties but got both objectives. Elite mode, wego, no saves or restarts, no reading any AAR's or spoilers. Hmmm... 500 meters for 75% casualties...we'll need cloning or undead tech to reach Paris. I've been getting total victories in the disc scenarious without too much trouble, this was a real challenge though. And yes, it could have been much tougher. There could have been a dozen more trp's, every hedge zeroed plus other approach
  14. I was wondering about that myself...it's in the manual but I've never seen it and I've closely observed a lot of mayhem these past weeks since game release, in scenario author mode too. I think it's not actually something that can happen. Yesterday I was watching a platoon entirely broken and trapped at edge of map next to river, lashed by mg fire in the open for 10 minutes...all thoroughly broken. Global and local morale for that side was about rock bottom. Since no one was real close they couldn't surrender, but also can't rout to disappear and can't exit the map edge. This creates
  15. Each squad appears to have 2 smoke grenades...there is no listing of smoke grenade count in the interface, I infer this from the fact that if you split off a scout team, they can pop smoke once and the leader team can also pop smoke once. Thus, two smoke grenades per squad.
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