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i hope that jtacs and the airforce perform better in reallife than in cmsf

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i'm trying to create a mout scenario with a lot of air- and artillery-support.

but i have experienced that air strikes are way to inaccurate for the use in an urban environment.

i was hoping that an experienced jtac + an exp. f15-pilot could deliver a "smart"-bomb at a building but most of the time they fail their target.

once an ah64 killed a jtac soldier 300m away from the target- deployed on a rooftop with a rocket spray

only attacks with machine-guns seem to be precise

are the us-weapon systems that inaccurate?

edit: you can see the crater of the attack in the back - spotter was a fire support bradley


edit2: the pilot hitted the target on the third bombrun

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i don't know how accurate laser guided bombs are in reallife. this is my question?

in which way is cas used in urban battles - for my test i used different setups and the hitrate was very low even with the small bombs.

i came to the result that the best way to attack a building is to use the ah64 with heavy - but most of the time he uses the ffar rockets when the guided rockets are gone. and the ffar are deadly especially for your own troops (but i can remember that this was discussed in another thread)

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The chapter on Air Support has most of the answers for your questions :D Starts on Page 82 with accuracy figures on Page 85. The numbers there are straight from military field manuals. Rockets, as you found out, are very inaccurate.

The key thing to do is make sure you use a Point Target command. This will ensure that the Air Asset uses its most precision weapon on that target. Area generally results in the target area being targeted with whatever is best suited to the target type you selected. If you select Area and General you're going to find the dumb bombs dropped, for example.

On top of that, Tiny_Tanker is correct that there are a lot of variables that go into determining of even the smartest of smartest guided weapons hits where it is supposed to. That's all covered in the Air Support chapter.

Hope that helps!


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With an accurately aimed laser designator, no disruption to the person running it (not under fire), a cleanly separated, fully armed bomb, proper guidance and no blocked LOS to either seeker or designator, you can put a bomb right through the window of a typical military truck. I've seen it done to trucks, bunkers entrances, etc. Used to work for Hughes Aircraft, which built the GLLD (Ground Locator Laser Designator, a substantial affair on tripod) and the earlier rifle like handheld designators, whose nomenclature I don't recall.

Iraq--Real deal designation & strike sequence.

Fallujah--Strike retargeted from building to exposed insurgents in street and on the move.


LGB vs truck in Serbia


Here is some good information on the Hydra 70 and where it's going. Pay careful attention to the ballistic dispersion chart.


Air Force firepower demonstrations and weapon tests.

Medley of missile and bomb footage (mit music)


John Kettler

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very good read - i didn't notice this chapter in the pdf file. (shame on me)

i will make some more tests to find out which combination of spotter aircraft and attack mission will be the best. because i want to avoid collateral damage in my scenario. maybe i will post the results afterwards.

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ok here i'm back after 2 hours of testing - i won't go into detail but one can say that medium and light antitank elements perform best in an urban environement. especially mavericks and hellfires are almost 100% accurate.

but it seems that antitank planes are equipped with the better gbus too and hit their targets very often.

to hit a target with a gbu dropped form a plane from the air support elements is pure luck - (about 1 out of 4) and therefore they are useless in urban combat.

and once again the ah64: his hellfires are great but there is no way to prevent him to use his inaccurate ffar rockets. maybe there will be some tweaking?

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ok i did some more "testing" (ok i have to be honest i only fooled around with my scenario) and noticed two issues with air support:



one can spot hidden infantry units deployed in and at houses



most of the time after destroying a target (house) one has to cease fire manually - which means the aircraft wastes another rocket or bomb due to the long response times of the cease fire command

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