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  1. I think I had a thread like this 7 years ago lol. CMx2 games have never had swivel fire/spraying so all the mg's shoot lines instead of ellipses. This means ROF won't increase your hit rate much.
  2. The tank jiggle bug is pretty old I think, like CM:SF old. I think it was something like the tank can see the target and should be able to aim at it but something goes awry and the gunner can't acquire the target so the tank just jiggles back and forth from it.
  3. I doubt they'd omit something as important as KS bottles.
  4. Oh sorry, the 85 didnt have a shrap shell in common circulation. It's not impossible that he could get some from the old zis stock also Cumulative effect shell is the same as HEAT.
  5. Shrapnel shell would be the proper shrapnel special shell not HE. 5 apcr and 5 shrap would be a pretty standard load for a 34/76, of the normal he and ap shells more he was always preffered. They might try to get more apcr if they knew they were due to encounter more heavy armor but supplies would be the controlling factor and theyd want to give the apcr to as many tanks as possible in the company instead of more in one or two tank.
  6. Thats good to hear, ammo dumps should be rarely spotted or directly attacked. Most would be set off by stray shots or by chance.
  7. Here's a pic of the '43 turret, the sticking up bit with the little hole on the front at the front left is the gun's panoramic sight, it's the model that can be used to aim the gun aswell. The gunner/commander also has another panoramic sight on this model ontop of his 85 style cupula this model can't aim the gun and replaced all station's panoramics on the 85 model. The blob on the back is the air vent. Here's a captured '41 model, it's been fitted with another panoramic sight of the same model for the loader but it would just be used for observation. Most of them didn't have the second sight fitted but there's a space where it could go. The bump in the middle is the air vent.
  8. If you mean on the T-34-85 it's another panoramic periscope, there's another one on the cupola too so everyone in the turret gets one, only the gunner's one is useful for aiming the gun though. Edit -- on the T-34-85 the panoramic sight isn't set up to aim the gun, that's only a feature on the 76 and Kv-1 with the pointy periscope bumps.
  9. The roof device on the T-34 could also be used as a gun sight, it had range ladder sights and assuming it was calibrated correctly could be used the same as the fixed sight when aligned with the gun.
  10. Ok back to the original topic then: Yes once the gunner aims the sight he fires immediately buuuut in CMx2 the gunner tracks directly to the target and fires when it lines up immediately. What would be better is to track to the target, pause for moment (as the gunner does the fine aim) then fire. This is to prevent the original anecdote of a tank slewing its gun around and firing an accurate shot the moment the gun lines up (the"tank 360 noscope" as I'll call it now!)
  11. Which tactic are you talking about specifically? I'm confused sorry.
  12. I'm confused now, I'm talking about WW2 tanks where only the gunner can move the turret and instructions are given to the gunner with voice. Panoramic sights were only a thing on some WW2 tanks and only much more recently can the gun be slaved to the sight instead of the other way round.
  13. If there's a tank to the side of your tank and the gunner turns just the panoramic periscope to do the range finding and aiming and the enemy tank fires during this it will hit the side turret instead of the front if he had turned the whole turret to aim. You want to be always trying to point your strongest armor at the biggest threat.
  14. JC: That would only be possible on the handful of tanks that had that kind of sight like the T-34 and KV. It would also be a bad tactic since you want the front turret armor to be facing the threat you're aiming at 99% of the time. On the topic at hand, I too wouldn't mind a little tiny delay between laying the gun and firing the first shot especially after swinging the turret around.
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