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  1. Thank you for the answer. One more detail I want to add is, that HRW claims that a SS-21(Tochka) ballisitic missile was used for the attack.
  2. Sorry if it was not clear that my reply was directed towards the google translation. I meant as a german speaker one would not have a clue what to do or expect in that scenario.
  3. Without the english original one would not understand the orders in that briefing.
  4. If this is not the right place for a topic like this please feel free to lock or delete but I have a question to military experts on this forum. I am sure everyone heard about the attack on a hospital in a'zaz syria. I am curious if one can tell the direction and the angle the missile hit it's target from this video:
  5. Just played the scenario against the AI. One important lesson learned: The engineers are the only ones who can take some beating as the infantry will run away or cower if they take a single casualty or get pinned.
  6. PTO would be really great. I am still hoping that BF will make an amphibious vehicle and landing craft pack for CMBN.
  7. It would be great if you could compile it and upload it to issuu.
  8. I voted for Amphibious Vehicles because it would add a completely new cm experience.
  9. Just played "Hill-Town-Water-Damaged" and it was very interesting. I did not have any problems to cross the bridge but what happened next surprised me. Thank you!
  10. This video really gets me in the mood buying cmbs.
  11. Please BF release at least one more pack for cmbn including landing crafts.
  12. Just read the flare path aar and one thing caught my attention. Back in the time when I made maps for combat mission I used to draw space invaders with action spots only visible if zoomed out. It seems the creator of this map did something similar. But instead of space invaders he chose swastikas....
  13. There is definitely something going on. Patch download speed just dropped to 50kb/s.
  14. Played this mission 2 weeks ago. Really liked the map - so I increased the map-size a little bit and played a QB against my brother. One of the best QBs I ever played. Unfortunately my brother mined all the river crossings and the bridge so my tanks got immobilized. Spoiler Alert (mark to read): After taking the objectives with one casualty i thought the game is over - so I pressed cease-fire and found out that about 100 meters awayGermans prepared a counter-attack.
  15. I did it like PhilM (second post) in this thread suggested and it worked. http://battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=118003
  16. Thanks for the answers - i did browse the forum and the internet but it confused me more than it helped. I found this link: http://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com/help/article/127908 it does not say anything about 2.11 and 2.12 but in the tech support forums i found a thread which says one has to install 2.11 and 2.12.
  17. Can someone tell me how to reinstall with all modueles + vehicle pack I have this files: Games Modules and Packs: CM_Normandy_Setup CMBN_Commonwealth_Setup CMBN_MarketGarden_Setup Folder with Vehicle Pack downloaded pre 3.11 Upgrades: CMBN_v200_Upgrade_Setup CMBN v300 Upgrade Setup Patches: 110 111 201 211 212 311 In which order do I have to install these? Do I have to install every patch or can I skip some?
  18. So are flamethrowers doomed to walk forever after 3.11 or was it changed?
  19. As i lived in Taiwan for two years I would imagine that a lot of fighting will take place in the mountainous area and woods. If one can trust this site: http://www.globalfirepower.com/ the Taiwanese army can field about 2000 tanks which is very impressive.
  20. I think the introduction of this feature is a bad decision because it makes man packed flamethrowers absolutely useless. it is ok for heavy mgs or medium mortars but with the short range of the flamethrower it is important that you are able to sprint some meters. Even I would be able to run 100 meters with 30kg on my back. Maybe I would be exhausted afterwards but this is already modeled in cm, so why not just leave the decision with the players if they want to risk exhausted squads and teams. In my opinion this feature is as bad as the decision that Italian squads are not allowed to spli
  21. As someone mentioned exoskeletons in another thread I think this guy should appear on the battlefield by 2017: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BigDog Any chance to include some robots and autonomous vehicles.
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