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  1. I'm playing a scenario that has a large bridge crossing a river. I noticed my BMP3 tried to shoot at an enemy unit on the other side of the bridge, but the round hit bridge structures. The bridge looks much like in the linked photo. The shell hit parts of the bridge that are green in the photo. In my opinion a tank/vehcile should not shoot through bridge structures, because it's very likely that it will hit the bridge. So, is this a bug? Most CM bridges have only parts that are below the "road level", but this bridge also has structure several meters above road level. Should the A
  2. Lots of short videos. Showing how things looked at east front. Most of them you probably haven't seen before. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeAjIkvDFeHwAIDiQBKFHPA/videos
  3. <this improvement idea to storing/recalling camera positions during PBEM games was already handled on page 7>
  4. I would like to make scenarios more playable when playing against the AI and in H2H mode. I think these changes would be a big step forward: - allow scenario designer to define that some units are included only when this side is played by the AI. - same thing for reinforcements So one could design a scenario that is balanced when playing in H2H mode. Then add some extra units in Scenario Editor and possibly reinforcements that appear during the game ONLY when the AI is using those units. -> the scenario would be more playable also when playing against the AI.
  5. A feature request: would it be possible to show some kind of anti tank icon as the floating icon for units that have PIAT weapon? This way it would be much faster to find those anti tank teams from a big map with lots of infantry. It would save lots of time when planning moves.
  6. A small improvement idea: It would be nice if scenario designer could freely set when reinforcements arrive. Instead of current 5 minutes steps. Now if you know how the game engine works you can use this information while playing. for example: If the game clock shows there's 52 minutes left, I know that I have at least 2 minutes before my opponent may get reinforcements, so during that time no new units will appear to the map.
  7. One of the installers showed instructions before applying the patch. Including this, is it true or a typo? (RT required BS installed) "VERSION REQUIREMENT This v2.01 "Game Engine 4" Upgrade of Combat Mission: Red Thunder requires you to have a working copy of Combat Mission: Black Sea installed AND PATCHED TO v1.01 or later."
  8. I haven't used either, but: which is better, one expensive monitor with resolution like 2560x1440 or two cheaper monitors with 1920x1024 or similar?
  9. Before Bismarck was sunk, it first sank British ship called Hood. I watched a video where they used a special "drone sub" to dive to the area where remains of Hood are. They wanted to find out why it sank so quickly, in maybe 3 minutes. And according to this video they did find enough ship parts to come up with believable sounding theory of what had happened. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_jDaUSSPhc
  10. I've watched several videos and they were all good. Like the 4 about conquering Norway and Denmark. It's strange what kind of things used to happen at sea when radars and other technology wasn't as good as it is now. One such video, but from another Youtube account is this:
  11. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCffCZhWRKiNeirye8kyfC3Q/videos
  12. If you make something playable against the AI, AI plans take a long time to get right. Tons of play testing. That's one big reason I think.
  13. When CMSF2 was released I played one of the demo scenarios as Syrians. I remember hitting AI controlled Bradley several times with a RPG and wondering why I couldn't destroy it. It seems this was modeled correctly in the game, reactive armor was the magic behind this: https://youtu.be/VYtM0WuiWS0?t=159 ( 2:39 - 3:04)
  14. Do you think it would be possible to change the game so that some spotting info would be transferred? It's good to know there is a tank waiting behind a hill even if you don't know exact tank type or its accurate location.
  15. I was just playing a CMSF2 scenario where I did at least 2 helo strikes to behind a hill locations. Once the battle ended there were lots of vehicles there that I had no idea of. So at least in this case I did not get new recon info. I was playing using British troops.
  16. I've read a book about British use of Apache in Afganistan and that dialogue was exactly what I read. If possible the helicopter crew tried to ensure they are hitting the right target - like certain building in a village. Surely they would mention if they see some armored vehicle hiding somewhere etc.
  17. One thing I have been wondering: would it be unrealistic if your units got some basic intelligence data from helicopters when helicopters are doing an air strike to some area where your units do not have line of sight? I mean situations like when your own units are located on one side of a hill, the helo air strike happens to the other side of the hill that your units can't see. If helicopters can target enemy units there couldn't they share something about what they see on the other side of the hill? Like "3 tanks and some infantry". And this would add enemy symbols to the map, the same wa
  18. If melons were cube-shaped maybe this deflection would not happen. I was amazed about how much the Sherman shell moved up and down during the flight. Yaw?
  19. Here is a video showing how a 76mm tank shell flies to target. Captured with a high speed camera. The movement of the shell is not exactly what you might expect. https://youtu.be/xpJ8EoGmLuE?t=348 Later after this experment they shoot water melons with a 152mm gun.
  20. There is nothing suspicious about that site as far as I know. Many other interesting articles there as well. So if there is some setting in your firewall software that is causing this, the site should be ok. There's some info in Youtube as well. First flight planned for 2020.
  21. That happened not that long ago. Now USA is preparing drones that will fly as wingmen of human flown planes. Things have changed quickly. http://thedrive.com/the-war-zone/26656/boeing-will-unveil-this-loyal-wingman-combat-drone-for-australias-air-force-tomorrow
  22. What will the remotely operated vehicle do when communication with the remote operator isn't working? This has been quite a problem in Syria when Russians have used their ECM equipment to disturb US drone flights. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/military/russia-has-figured-out-how-jam-u-s-drones-syria-n863931
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