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Australian DoD version of Afrika Korps

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I'm presuming the Australian Army is paying a flat rate rather than a per-CD cost. Perhaps this will even be downloadable from the Australian Army internal website?

I suppose if anyone knows an Australian Army officer it should be easy enough to obtain a copy, then, if there are no physical discs to copy protect.

Incidentally, why even announce this on the forum? If DoD is footing the bill for this new research anyway, why not make the new version available as a patch to us other paying customers of the commercial version?

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I'm still interested in as to why the Australian DoD would request this version, with all the necessary modifications (and paying for them, I presume), as I asked in the 'Slang' thread (yeah, I was touchy, sorry :( ). Who will actually be playing/studying this? To what purpose? Will it be required for some people (officer candidates?) to play a given amount of hours? I do think historical study is very usefull for people in the military (at least the officers?), so in a way, it makes sense (it will probably grab people's attention more than some dull lecture in some ROTC-esque classroom). I'm just wondering how it will be utilized. Any notions?

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It has always been a problem getting people to study military history (a modern officer is kept VERY busy), so that the lessons of the past are not repeated.

To meet the X and Y generation you need to provide information in a culturally appropriate formet, multimedia and games are one such way that has been shown to be successful.

As an Officer cadet, and later intelligence officer I found my wargaming background to be very beneficial, my aim is now to enlighten others as to the benefit. There are now a large number of LTCOl unit commanders who are also interested in this, who have had similar experiances and can see the benefits.

Remember we are using this for education, not training. It is one tool in the toolbox, its not as if this is all they will use!



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Well as a serving ADF (sorry Rob can’t handle saying ADO yet) officer posted to a training establishment as an instructor I can see lots of potential.

I have used TacOps for wargaming courses of action prior to developing a plan and post H hr to evaluate a plan with students (CAPT wishing to become MAJ and MAJ wishing to become LTCOL) and they have found it very useful.

In a similar vein CMAK can be used to examine aspects of various campaigns (delaying defence in Greece, attacks at Bardia, aggressive patrolling during the seige of Tobruk, etc.) and give students a more interactive version.

These principles are timeless (the tools to achieve them may change) and need to be confirmed.

Given the choice between a 3 hour powerpoint presentation or model room presentation and an interactive tactical scenario where their decisions influence the outcome, I’m pretty sure I know which will be a more effective experience.

Practical example: My last posting was as a Regt 2IC (XO) of a Reconnaissance Regt. We drummed into the LT’s that their job was to “sneak and peak” and to pass back information to higher. Lots of nodding heads in the room. We then used my copy of CMBO and a Light Pro (to project the action on a large screen) as a test.

Each LT was given command of an armoured car troop (4 x vehicles) and told to “advance to contact” across a map known to have a small Kampfgruppe (PzGdr Coy and 3 x Panzer IV’s) advancing the other way.

Some employed their training (advancing in bounds with vehicles in overwatch positions) and eventually encountered “sound contacts” and finally identified vehicles without being shot at.

Others charged off thinking they were Ubermen and eventually all the information I received back was that the enemy was somewhere beyond the burning wrecks of the friendly vehicles.

Needless to say they were pretty sheepish after that - esp after they bought beers in the Mess as a substitute for writing letters home.

Any way as Rob said, if you live here and are interested, wander down to the local unit, talk to someone and sign just below the paragraph that says:

“I, the person described on this form ...”

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Fascinating - What are the differences from the bog standard commercial version?

I know this is about 9 years late but if any of you guys are still interested in CMAK australian army version (AAV) I have a copy!!! My father works in the UK defence industry and picked me up a copy years ago
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