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  1. Awww, Thanks John! Nice to know people still remember Tiger Valley (I notice my links are broken, must fix that some time...)
  2. I'll give it a shot if I'm worthy and you want to email me the pertinant information. Feel free to edit it as you see fit. (Sometimes I swear it takes longer to write the briefings than it does to generate the whole scenario...)
  3. I think we just have to be patient with CMC... Something like this, where you need to adapt one set of coding with another can be extrememly tricky. (Look at the issues with the CMAK 2 patch) I'm sure the fellas are working on it. I'm sure they want to deliver a quality product when it's ready. Mind you, an update from those fellas wouldn't go astray... As for CMSF. I ain't interested till it's toting Panthers and Shermans. I'll take a look at it then. Till then, I'll reserve any real judgement.
  4. Hit 'print screen shot' while looking at the editor under 'units', paste to 'paint', then under 'image', invert colours then save and print. That way you have an easy hard copy to refer to and it doesn't use all your printer's ink...
  5. Well YEAH !!! I'm still wondering why BFC didn't milk their product for all it was worth with 'Combat Mission Pacific Front', or 'Combat Mission Cold War, 1948'... The hard work was there, so were the junkies. Just a little progamming and mod making they could have pawned out... Money for Jam I would have thought...
  6. Thanks for you're thoughts but I disagree. You should rejoice in your victory and be wary of the fact that next time you fight your 'friend', he will come back a wisened and deadlier foe...
  7. Check out "Kingfish", like SgtGoody said, over at The Scenario Depot II
  8. I've read several of the Stackpole Military series, like Tigers in the Mud, Infantry Aces, Panzer Aces and Grenadiers etc, recreating the battles from the perspective of Knight's Cross winners... so Germans then... They only ever refer to them as Mark IV's from what I've seen and read. Much of these books are based on Combat accounts and sometimes recollections, but in the transcripts from battle diary's they are Mark IV's. I've once seen them refered to as 'The Work Horse of the German Army', but that was probably on a Tamiya set of instructions...
  9. The Ferdinand was quite succesful at Kursk, what let it down was it's inability to deal with infantry at close quarters. The Ferdinands actually broke through the Russian initial lines but were halted with artillery and close combat. Panzerjaeger-Abteilung 653 fought through from July (at Kursk) to late December (on the Djnepr) in the Nikopol Bridgehead . The surviving Ferdinands were progressively withdrawn to Austria for refit where they became the Elefant (with the MG). You can imagine they were well overdue for refit by that time and the crews were in desperate need of a break. They operated quite succesfully for the behemoth they were. By the end of November the 1st Battalion had recorded it's 600th kill on the Russian front. They never sported a winter camouflage scheme, as when winter came, the remaining vehicles were in the process of withdrawl...
  10. Right on the outskirts of the city you want a couple of 'green' 76mm anit aircraft guns in trenches. These were actually 'manned' by women crews... Don't go for heaps of wire but be liberal with the mines.
  11. Now that's dedication! (Bless Pyewacket's Map Converter)
  12. OK, Top Work Guys! I've seen the final file and it's a minor victory to NG Cavscout! 58% to JK's 42% Well Done to both of you for seeing this through. Having played it recently myself against a ROW veteren (Steve Sembay) it surprised me how enthralling it was, despite the fact I designed it... It was the most intense game I was playing at the time and I really had to think about my every move! When the Tiger arrived on the scene the Allies were totally overwhelmed by it. Fortunately they were never really present in enough strength to totally dominate events. It took them months to capture one and it wasn't till after North Africa was liberated that the Allies had the Bovington Tiger back in the UK. It was quickly realised that the Sherman, which was superior to the Panzer IV was totally out classed by this new German heavy tank. Reliance in dealing with the Tiger fell to anti-tank gun crews and the upgrading of existing designs to house a gun large enough to deal with the beast... But despite it's dominace, the Tiger and it's crew were vulnerable. Tiger Valley attempts to depict a time in North Africa when the Tigers of 501 and 504 were used in unison to further the advantage these tanks provided the German forces with. It also attempts to depict the fact that these beasts weren't entirely invulnerable, but they were dominant and incredibly hard to kill. Tiger Valley also attempts to display the difficulties faced by both sides at this stage of the war in North Africa, with respect to terrain and despite any technical advantage... I hope you guys both enjoyed the scenario! ******************* SPOILERS ******************* IF YOU EVER PLAN TO PLAY TIGER VALLEY, READ NO MORE !!!! I didn't want to comment on the game until you'd finished, due to the 300 point Allied bonus. Essentially this means the Axis must drive forward and take flags. If they try to sit back and get by on the kill ratio they will be disadvataged. What will sway this battle is vehicle casualties and the stealth of the hook force. The German halftracks are pretty fragile giving up 50 points a piece to the Allies, throw them away and you'll pay, but the German player must use them to move his troops. They are brittle to anything the Allies have... The Shermans are in turn brittle to the Tigers and a cull will certainly stack the odds in the German players favour, but there's enough Shermans to make life hell for any German infantry, and it's infantry that will hold the flags. A Tiger won't do it alone... The Tigers are mighty beasts, but they aren't invincible. It'll take a pretty cunning and patient Allied player to take them out. Gun placement is crucial as is the use of the Valentine IX's. The Axis player must also be totally vigilant with buttoning up. A shot tank commander at the wrong time could cost him a Tiger. At between 215 and 338 points the German player must keep them alive. Lose enough Tigers and you won't win due to their loss alone... Stealth with the hook force is crucial. The sooner the Allies spot you, the less likely they are to react to the weight of the German Assault from the South... In this game JK was tipped off early from what I saw, before he commited units elsewhere, plus it enabled him to set up some defence against the hook force. I think JK's tank losses got him in the end despite his dogged defence. I'm sure you wouldn't be the only Allied commander that had marvelled at the Tiger and the inability of the Allied 75 to dent it at the time! I do think a few less Shermans KO'd and this would have been a draw, but this day belongs to NG Cavscout! Thanks for sending me the movie files JK! I enjoyed every one!!! Cheer's, Richie
  13. Hmmm... What can I say here? Firstly, you guys ain't finished... When the phat lady has sung, all will be revealed! That 50.5% : 49.5% result was across 16 games with 32 opponents (Thanks Kingfish ) As far as historical significance goes, the scenario is 'semi historical'... Without a doubt this is a demanding scenario. Playtesting was done by others (credited in the briefing) prior to ROW V and much is owed to them! I've only just played this H2H for the first time against someone else who'd played the Allies before and I was lucky to score an Axis Victory against a very talented opponent... I think I'll wait for any in depth analysis till you've finished... the final chapter is yet to be told...
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