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  1. Well for us its: 1. Plan the plan 2. Test the plan (COA Analysis) with SB 3. Refine the plan / develop branches and sequels based on the "game" outcomes. 4. Execute the plan using SB to provide the inputs at LOWCON and HIGHCON with the people who created the plan "in the box" as the training audience. Setup varies from location to location but usually clusters for LOWCON, HIGHCON, OPFOR and Controllers. Those "in the box" get usually one or two screens as say a UAV feed or some sort of BMS / BLUEFOR tracker / FBCB2 installation but they are issuing orders to / responding to f
  2. Ah sorry thought you were starting from scratch. Anyway drop me a PM/email if you get some SB time. And if you do get "down" here drop me a line (beware NZ, its overrun with Hobbits ).
  3. Briefly (cause I fully appreciate this is a Battlefront forum not an eSim one). … 1. The "whole thing" a permanent license and dongle costs US$125.00 2. You can easily command a vehicle or a Platoon as one person (you don't need to have 20 people). 3. The laser burns out in RL if you lean on it too. Can I suggest you watch the YouTube link above - that's 4 or 5 people doing a Combat Team task. Happy to take other RFIs via PM.
  4. Well there's also now a time limited "rental" option if you don't want to buy a permanent license. I think US$10 gets you a month's worth so you can try it out before committing to a full purchase.
  5. Here's a link thank shows how it has probably changed compared to what you remember:
  6. Well yes it has moved on - markedly but it is not as detailed as VBS-x (in terms of holding your breath while firing, etc.). Hence our two tiered approach: VBS where that detail is needed. SB where it can be abstracted. e.g. If I'm doing a Cbt Team attack I'm not really interested in how a fire team is clearing a building. Just like I shouldn't be interested in the gunner's sight view from a tank in the fire support position (although admittedly I can go there if required). As long as the Cbt ratios are right and we gain the objective that is what the Trainee needs (or is suitab
  7. Well yes the Australian DefenCe Force (we aren't that close) did license a copy of CMAK. It was basically CMAK with a "dynamic" discussion of the Crete campaign. You were provided with an overview and could replay some decisive events with CMAK scenarios. It was basically provided for Staff Cadets to do "simple" appreciations and see how their plans worked (or not). Having got an understanding of the process with a "simplistic" Second World War battlespace, they could then escalate to a more complex current environment (or at least as complex as it gets for prospective LTs). The
  8. ScoutPL, Would you mind if I dropped you a PM? We are currently going through some issues with the "death" of OneSAF and I'm in the midst of writing a paper about the use of JCATS, VBS 2/3, Steel Beasts Pro, etc.
  9. Except of course that running it injects a performance hit of its own.
  10. Works fine here (as does another OS version that "burns bright" - paraphase William Blake).
  11. Doesn’t matter as its the same product. Yes you can do it that way but just remember a 1.5 GB file is still going to take a while to download. I think that’s an oversight. Certainly the two SteelBooks that I bought (1 x Mac undamaged, 1 x PC slightly damaged - not sure if that reflects the OSs) don’t have the licenses on them. I copied and pasted from my confirmatory purchase email (i.e. the code that lets you do the download). Yes you can do it either way. I’m using the download version while the disc in the box is effectively my backup plan (the box also ho
  12. ArmA is not the only alternative to CM:SF.
  13. Well i don’t think you’ll see a “CM:BN + the SF” bundle just in case that‘s what you meant (or at least not for a long time when its in some bargain bin). There is CM:BN for Mac now. There may / will be a CM:SF product for Mac later. Two products. I suspect you meant that but just being “crystal“ for anyone else read this.
  14. For what its worth (and I know it hasn’t been 2 months) the loader normally stays “down” when moving tactically. The “turret creature” normally only sees the light of day (at least here) if its an admin move and contact is unlikely (or perhaps if there’s an air threat and the commander thinks the pintle MG will make a difference).
  15. Well certainly you can buy a Mac version of CM:BN that’s out already (and I have my pre ordered SteelBook to prove it). CM:SF for Mac is still a little way off (no idea how far away) so if you need to run it now buy the bundle (with NATO, UK, etc.) and run it under Windows. If you can wait then do so. Certainly you wont be able to use a Windows version and run it “natively“ on a Mac (i.e. without BootCamp or Parallels or Fusion or something else).
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