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CMBN Last Defense V4.0 Ready to Play For Xmas!

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I have Re-done the map from the ground up using V4.0.  It's larger, better, and very detailed.  To Play you must have the CMBN base game along with the Market Garden and Vehicle Pack Modules. The Game has 5 distinct Plans for each side and showcases the new V4.0 features. Be Sure to read the Designer Notes.  I have had a blast putting this together and I hope you'll have many hours of playing enjoyment. 

It won't be at the Repository for a awhile (I will be making QB Maps for this as well), so I have attached a zip file of the scenario here. Just un zip and place in you game/scenario file

Merry Christmas!



Last Defense V4.zip

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Currently have this fired up and really enjoying it.


The ford on the extreme left flank, from the US perspective, seems a little, well, deep.

I was surprised to see a whole squad and a Hellcat  happily crossing - totally underwater!

Pretty sure that they didn't have frogman kit.


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Having purchased V4.0 a few days ago I thought I'd give this a whirl.

I'm a habitual Lurker but I enjoyed this scenario and the beautiful map so much it's forced me out of Lurkdom to say a big thanks!

Looks like I'm going to keep returning to this one: I very very much appreciate the multiple plans. The scenario that keeps on giving... Perhaps it's called the Last Defence because it Lasts! :) 

Knotso Silent

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