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  1. +1 Exactly this for me. The map at the beginning was important for context, but after that .. I found I could visualise enough for the story.
  2. l loved them both! An animated gif for a rare "special moment" is great. But it's the CAAR I'm here for.. I certainly did notice the slow-mo : I relish the pics and the story so much that I study each frame for ages before moving on to prolong the enjoyment. When I first saw the comic style for an AAR I wasn't convinced I'd like that approach - but your storytelling is so gripping I'm completely hooked! So much so that I'm compelled to stop lurking momentarily yet again to say so. ---------------------- Knotso silent
  3. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you. Even if I have to break cover from my lurkiness to say so ... Knotso Lurky
  4. Brilliant stuff! I too will miss this AAR which has teased out of lurkerdom ... Thank you.
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