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  1. Using slower movement modes is a great suggestion, Falaise.
  2. Originally I had wanted, after the hedgerow blast, to get two full squads across a long field as quickly as possible. The first squad occupied the downstairs of the house, which had a back door right out to the hedgerow. I tried various "paused" locations for the second squad, upstairs, outside the front door, etc. What finally worked was to start with the first squad in the small space between the back door and the hedgerow, i.e., outside, and keep the second squad paused on the first floor until the first squad was already out the hedgerow. Agreed, there's a way to skin the cat, but so
  3. IanL, just from watching as movement develops out of the house, I think you may be right. The two or three that diverge go out the front door rather than the back door, and the leave the building before the last part of the rest of the squad exits the back.
  4. The thing is, I tried plotting this in various ways to overcome the problem, including right next to the inside of the hedgerow gap and the action square next to it outside the gap. Still had the same problem. Go figure. I've never had this happen before. I'll just have to move on. Thanks for your comments.
  5. I ran into a situation that confuses me.. Campaign: Devil's Descent, Scenario: The Bells Are Calling Situation: Two Squads Occupy A Two Story House bordered by a solid hedgerow in the direction I want them to proceed. I send one squad out the back door of the building to the hedgerow and have them blast a hole in it. They execute their instructions perfectly. Next turn I direct the other squad out the same back door to the entry side of the blasted hole, then to the far side some distance away. While most of the squad follows the prescribed path, a couple of squad members e
  6. Downloaded Devil's Descent, thanks. When you guys do QB's, do you choose both forces or do you let the Random chooser play out? Random seems to often return unbalanced forces even though I select "Mixed." A quick battle I selected yesterday returned what is basically a force of mostly Priests.
  7. Ah, wasn't aware of the coming patch. Thanks for the heads up. And thanks for the suggestion of QB's.
  8. You would probably have to activate them using the codes you would receive via email.
  9. Returning to CMBN after a number of years' hiatus. That hiatus started shortly after I purchased all available modules and packs for CMBN and upgraded to engine 4. Upon returning to the game and preparing to start the Road to Montebourg campaign I read online that some battles had been broken by the increased effectiveness of machine guns in later CMBN versions. By broken I mean the player stands very little chance of winning because infantry advance tactics that had previously been possible were no longer possible. So before I spend a bunch of time and effort starting campaigns and scena
  10. Thanks people, keep 'em coming! I'll check out all suggestions.
  11. After a long hiatus for life and technical reasons, I am jumping back into playing CMBN. I have all the upgrades and packs. But I have lost all my installed mods, and there may also be newer mods than the ones I had. I am looking for a list of the best must-have mods, things like UI, floating icons, unit pics, terrain and buildings, vehicles, sounds, etc. I am aware of Green as Jade's site. I don't need every minor mod to start with. Any help is appreciated. Edited to add: It looks like Aris' Terrain Texture Compilation is a good starting point, but I'm open to other sugg
  12. If I had understood what "finer grain" meant, I would have voted for this. As it was I voted for "Follow Me" command. Tried to revise my vote but couldn't.
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