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  1. I have a reoccurring problem in both CMRT and CMSF2. In both games I was playing a campaign. Multiple missions into these campaigns in both titles the current save game when loaded crashed to desktop. Save games further back would also crash. Far enough back and a game might load but a save off that game would also crash making further campaign progress impossible. When the crashes start occuring I'm already well into the campaigns with dozens of saves marking the way. Both games run perfectly to the point the game starts crashing loading a save game. I've unloaded all mods for CMRT
  2. I'd have grave doubts calling Ambrose a historian. I had the misfortune to purchase his book on the development of the North American railways and found it truly atrocious. Even my layman's knowledge knew what I was reading was bad history - which a few quick web searches confirmed. Anyone reading his WW2 books should remember Albert Blithe. This guy would write anything without any fact checking. I don't have time to research if the facts in books I'm reading are actually real or just the authors make-believe facts. Dreadful stuff to waste money on when there is so much quality well wri
  3. Thread title says it all. CMSF is not available to download from the 'my account' of the website. It's a 2007 order. Does that matter? I thought I read something on the website about orders recorded since 2008. Anyone any ideas how I get CMSF available to download from the 'my account' section? Thanks in advance for all replies.
  4. Thanks Erwin. This is a great resource for CM players. I try to grab scenarios and especially campaigns as soon as they get released but even I was missing a good few of both. Hopefully this thread is kept updated and attached to all the relevant game family mod forums.
  5. Just got this last night and am half an hour into the first Russian campaign mission. Loving it so far. Great work on these 'battle packs' BF. A must buy for me as I love campaigns. Hopefully we'll see lots more of these packs rolled out for all the titles over the next few years.
  6. Always found the Heuman Lock Bridge to be nearly impossible without horrific losses in any case. Anyone ever post an AAR of their success in this mission? I'd be interested to see how it is done. Even the change of the pillbox from concrete to timber didn't really help me.
  7. I found Red Sabbath : The battle of Little Bighorn by Robert Kershaw to be an excellent read John. He tracks the battle though every stage using the bullet cartridge evidence. It wasn't so much a battle as a rout. As a poster above said it was a strategic loss. Once the attack order by Custer was given the tactical battle was lost - it was just a matter of how badly Custer's force would suffer.
  8. Great review. Had exactly your experience when reading this book. Frankly Sven Hassel books were better as they contained some humour - this didn't even have that. Makes me sad as just maybe there was a real story to be told. Albrecht Wacker wasn't the one to tell it though. This book was pricey as well in hardback. If I wanted Hassel or Charles Whiting in Kessler mode I could have bought their whole output on E-Bay for less.
  9. I've loaded all the files needed into my z folder and the difference is striking. Great piece of work. I haven't added the SweetFX stuff. Is this necessary? Does it make an even bigger difference to the graphics? Great work Worghern. Truly super.
  10. Was the German egg grenade a fragmentation or a concussion weapon I wonder? The Germans seemed to favour the concussion weapon when it came to hand grenade design. Unlike nearly every other arms producing country at the time who went with fragmentation designs.
  11. I think the arming system on the stick grenade was much safer than the pineapple grenade. A person couldn't snag the pin and arm the grenade accidentally. I think many veterans taped the rings of their grenades to the main body of the device to minimise such accidents.
  12. I remember reading ages ago that the German 'stick' grenade was much easier to throw than the Allied 'pineapple' grenade. I think it was easier to get more distance with them as well. Balanced by the fact that the stick grenade had less of an explosive and shrapnel effect. I could of course be completely misremembering.
  13. Downloading now! I've asked for a product for this like ages. I hope it is a big success for all involved and this is the first of many battlepacks Battlefront will produce.
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